Be Open To Everything, Attached To Nothing – Wayne Dyer

Speed Of Change  

Are you overwhelmed by the fast speed of change today?  According to Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, “There is more content being created in 48 hours today than was created from the beginning of time til 2003!”   Smile  

Keeping Up With Change

How do we keep up with change?  During my journey as an entrepreneur, I have found that it’s simpler to “flow” with change than to keep up with it. Changes are inevitable and trying to keep up with all of it today is overwhelming.  Instead, we believe as Jim Rohn says “The same wind blows on all of us, the difference in arrival is the set of the sail”.  Learning to become an entrepreneur has taught us to adjust our sail, and use the “winds of change” to propel us forward instead of blowing us down.

Be Open To Everything and Attached To Nothing

Wayne Dyer taught us to “Be Open To Everything and Attached To Nothing“.  Our life is a journey and the more open we are to everything, the more wonderful life becomes.  I do my best to “be attached to nothing” (not that easy  :roll:), trust my journey, and trust each individual’s journey also.  Living with this quote by Wayne Dyer has transformed our life tremendously.

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The Possibilities Are Limitless

We are living in a time where anyone can learn new skills 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, on the internet for free!  It’s so exciting!  You can choose to learn a new skill today!  Wow!   😀  Learning and growing is so much fun!  😆

Choose A New Skill To Master

Jim Rohn said that in the 21st century it will be important to have multiple skills, and we can all decide to have as many as we choose to master.    😛

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12 Comments For This Post

  1. Holly Says:

    Hi Kellie!! I am probably overwhelmed with the changes happening, but I am taking them in stride!! Sometimes, perhaps a little too slow but I am getting there!! LOL If we don’t keep up or work on keep on, we will get lost in the shuffle I am sure!! Great post!
    Holly�´s last blog post ..She Felt Like There Was A Person Inside Of Her Desperately Trying To Get Out!My Profile

  2. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Holly,

    That’s awesome Holly! You are going with the flow and allowing yourself to set your sail. Slowing down is actually the way to speed up… LOL! Sounds funny huh? But true. Thank you for your comment and for visiting today.

    Much love,
    Kellie 🙂

  3. Suzanne Says:

    I like the thought of simplicity of being in the flow, rather than trying to keep up with the flow. Thank you for this message.
    Suzanne�´s last blog post ..CoachingMy Profile

  4. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Suzanne,
    Nice to meet you here on our blog! 🙂 Yes, I like “being in flow” also. It’s allowed me to stay grounded and life is very joyful too! Thank you for your comments and for visiting us today! Aloha 🙂

  5. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    Hi Kelli,

    Tremendous wisdom here.

    Let go and grow. Dissolve attachments by being open. Listen to the whispers.

    Honor your intuition. Act on it. Release on outcomes.

    Surround yourself with open, trusting people. Allow their trusting vibe to rub off on you.

    By detaching you help outcomes manifest more quickly.

    Stay in the flow. Don’t resist, just allow.

    With frequent meditation and patience, you can create the life of your dreams, prosper others and act from a high energy, calm, confident place each moment of the day.


    Ryan BiddulphÃ�´s last blog post ..Network Marketing Success – 7 Tips to Dramatically Increase Your Online VisibilityMy Profile

  6. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Ryan!
    Thank you for your kind comments. I love how you summarize all the key points you got from our post and our video! You’re awesome Ryan!! Thanks for coming by! Much aloha 🙂

  7. Nathalie Villeneuve Says:

    I LOVE your excitement Kellie. This is a great quote and an amazingly great timing for me to hear this message. I am letting go to a lot of things that I have been attached to..I love how freeing myself from these attachments opens more opportunities… It goes full circle and I love it!
    Nathalie Villeneuve�´s last blog post ..How do you go about promoting and marketing your passion?My Profile

  8. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Nathalie!
    Thank you for your very kind comments. It means a lot coming from you! Yes, it’s an exciting time and being open and not attached frees us up to even better opportunities in life. It’s so much fun!! Thank you for all you do to help so many! Much love 🙂

  9. Norma Doiron@Where Aspiring/Budding Business Owners Start, Grow & Strenghten Their Online Business Says:

    Going with the flow works for me, but every so often I need to evaluate what needs to go and what needs to get in. Trying to stay balanced is key. Great posts, great tips. Thanks! ❥
    Norma Doiron@Where Aspiring/Budding Business Owners Start, Grow & Strenghten Their Online Business�´s last blog post ..Top Keys to Fire Up Your Blogging Audience Response, Part 2My Profile

  10. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Norma!
    So nice to meet you! Yes, we all find what works for us and what makes us happy. Thank you for your comments and for visiting us today Norma! Much aloha 🙂

  11. the goddess Jacqui Says:

    All too often I can get overwhumped by all the stuff I think I need to know in order to succeed, and to make an impact in this very busy world.

    But then I remind myself that all I really need is INSIDE ME and if I just keep moving forwards in whichever inspires me and feels good, I’ll get ‘there’ eventually … wherever ‘there’ might be.

    I totally ADORE you, ms Kellie!

    Thanks for an endless stream of wisdom and unfailing support.

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    the goddess Jacqui�´s last blog post ..How To Get Money To Pour InMy Profile

  12. Melissa McCloud Says:

    aloha kellie! i was not familiar with that wayne dwyer quote… and i love how ryan (above) put it in his comment: let go and grow! i definitely have learned to adapt my biz to the perpetual onset of technology, but being unattached to outcomes is a work in progress. when people say “no” or quit it’s always a time to practice “disciplining my disappointment”. ahhhh, the freedom!

    thank you for your wisdom and open shares, i love it! talk soon kellie 🙂
    Melissa McCloudÃ�´s last blog post ..Why The One Ad You’re Running Will Kill Your BusinessMy Profile

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