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My Private And Very Personal Addiction To Food

27. February 2010


I feel very compelled today to reveal something which is very private and personal, however, it is such a huge part of my journey that I can no longer keep it hidden.  I have been getting many “intuitive” messages that are telling me to share it with my “ohana” (family) here.  So, here goes…(disclaimer: everything […]

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No More Heart Disease – Dr. Louis Ignarro

8. February 2010


Dr. Louis Ignarro – No More Heart Disease One of my friends, Kara Grabenhorst, recently posted an article on her Facebook page titled “Doctor exhorts women to take charge of heart health”.  She also stated that heart disease is the #1 killer of woman.  Wow, that’s alarming and yet I shouldn’t be surprised. After reading […]

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Are You Giving Your Body The Proper Nutrition? Food Matters

5. December 2009


Husky Girl Ever since I was 8 years old, I have struggled with a weight problem.  I had become “husky” as my well-meaning family affectionately called me.  I started to diet and watch my calories.  I soon became aware of what I was suppose to eat and what I was not suppose to eat.  I […]

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Do You Believe You Can Heal Yourself?

14. November 2009


  Healing Your Body I am very grateful to have found a home based network marketing business in the Wellness Industry.  I, myself had many challenges with my own weight and health all my life.  I started to learn through my mentors, and through books, tapes, CDs & DVDs, that I really could heal my body […]

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