Make This Year Your Best Year Ever – Design Your Plan To Ensure Success

2011 Plan Your Best Year Ever

Are You Ready To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever?

I will be detailing the 4 steps which are crucial to making this year your best year ever, and ensuring your success in business and in life.  This is Step 2 – Designing Your Plan for This Year.  If you missed Step 1 – Decide and Visualize, please click on “5 Minutes A Day Can Transform You To Have Your Best Ever”.

Building on Step 1 – Decide & Visualize

Have you followed the 5 minutes exercise everyday since you read our post on Step 1?  Ask yourself “is having your best year ever worth 5 minutes per day?” This first step is a very critical step which all successful people do daily.  It is the “foundation” to the new year we are designing.  It’s like we’re building a new house.  If you don’t build a strong concrete foundation, the beautiful walls of the house will fall down.  This is why step 1 is so crucial.

Step 2 – Designing Your Plan

Once you are in the habit of doing step 1 daily, now you are ready for step 2. Each step is building on each other and they are crucial skills which must be mastered. It’s like mathematics.  You must master counting to move on to addition, then you must master addition to move on to multiplication.  If you haven’t mastered addition and you move on to multiplication, you will be confused and overwhelmed, and you probably will not continue on to master algebra.  This is how great success is built, step by step.

Have you ever planned a vacation?  How did it turn out when you planned it? Pretty perfect right?  Imagine a vacation where you just showed up at the airport and you said “I want to go to New York today “.  The airlines may not have an open flight and it would cost you a lot more because you didn’t plan. You want to see a very popular Broadway show and when you arrive, there are no tickets because they are sold out.  If you planned your vacation, you would have gotten the tickets for the show on the day you wanted.  What’s interesting is that most people do plan their vacation and it turns out great!  Therefore, you know that planning works.  Now, do you have the rest of your life planned out?

I remember my mentor asking me this question and I said “ahhh, no…” 🙄 Then he said “Why not?” and I said “cause I didn’t know I was suppose to plan my life” 😯  Duh, Kellie!  Gosh, I felt so foolish and thought, yeah, how come I don’t have my life planned?  Well, from that day forward I started to plan my life and it changed the direction of my life forever.   😛

Please watch Kellie’s video on how to design your plan:

Alright, so now you have your homework for this week.  Take the time to plan your life and your year the way I explained in the video.  Keep on doing the 5 minute exercise every morning, then focus on your plan.  Next week we will take you through Step 3 of this 4 part series on The Steps To Ensure Success This Year.

We would love to hear your comments on our article and how you are feeling doing the 5 minutes every morning.  Also, if you would like to declare your plan here on our blog, we would love for you to share with all of us. May we ask you to click the “f share” button at the top of the article, to share on Facebook or “retweet” this on Twitter?

Also, if you’d like to learn tips and secrets I’ve used over the past 15 years, sign up for our video series below.

Sending you a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!

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  1. Val Wilcox Says:

    I love this idea of working backwards from your goals. This is such an easy way to take it step by step and break the big goals down into smaller goals. Plans of where you should be will move everything forward so much faster. Clarify and define.

    You’ve got it all in alignment for sure,
    Val 😉
    Val Wilcox�´s last blog post ..Celebrate YOU!My Profile

  2. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Val,
    Oh, it makes me so happy to hear you loved our ideas! 🙂 Thank you for always being such a great friend Val. Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..2011 Will Be Your Best Year Ever – Steps To Ensure SuccessMy Profile

  3. Lani Kee - Mind Mapping Techniques Says:

    Aloha Kellie, I enjoyed your post and your video clip. I have to say I am guilty of not planning out my day to day routines, but I am sure it does require planning to make it more effective. The good thing is I do like to write things down, its going back to it I need to practice it. I do need a reminder from time to time, this is why I luv to read blogs. There are so many valuable tips on them.

    Glad I came by and Thanks for sharing! Lani 🙂

  4. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Lani,
    So wonderful to see you on our blog again! We are so happy you enjoyed our video clip. Yes, we all need reminders…that’s what friends are for. 🙂 We are all getting better each and everyday! We are so glad you came by our blog too! Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Are You Willing To Commit To Achieving Your Goals In 2011My Profile

  5. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    I second Val’s take above.

    Wonderful post and I agree that working backwards from the goal is the way to go. The reverse process builds confidence.

    Instead of stressing out about how you reach your goal, you know that the goal is yours through the exercise of continual visualization. With this faith it becomes easier to work your way backwards.

    As you note success is a step by step thing. Great empires are built one successful act after another. Rather than project ahead hours, days, weeks or months, keep your mind focused on the present moment because you can only act in the moment anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Kellie.

    Ryan Biddulph�´s last blog post ..3 Catastrophic Mistakes I Made as a Home Based EntrepreneurMy Profile

  6. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Ryan,
    Thank you for your kind comments! Yes, success is accomplished step by step and over and over and over. Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Your Closest Friends Affect Your Income And Your HappinessMy Profile

  7. Teresa Ivory Says:

    I love what you said in the video, “always remember how you felt in December 2011.” ‘Remember’ is something from the past. ‘December 2011’ is in the future. You so seamlessly mix the two that I instantly thought, “Of course, I remember how I felt in December 2011. I watched Kellie’s previous video and did the exercise with her!” It’s that concept of “there is no time” popping up again. Another Kellie quote! Thanks for keeping my mind moving into more of those 11 dimensions you were talking about!
    Teresa Ivory�´s last blog post ..Find the Missing Insight GameMy Profile

  8. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Teresa,
    Wow, I love your comments! That is pretty cool isn’t it! Thanks for your perspective Teresa. That’s why I love masterminding with people, the synergy is incredible and so fascinating!! I love it! Thank you for adding to our blog post Teresa! Much love & gratitude 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..The Greatest Gift You Can Give To YourselfMy Profile

  9. Scott Inoue Says:

    All this time, people tell you to look forward to your goals. This concept of looking backwards makes more sense and I can see how it would be much more effective! Mahalo once again my friend!

  10. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Scott,
    I am so thrilled to see you on my blog! Now if only you would have your own face on gravatar…LOL!! Seriously though, thank you for visiting and commenting. I really, really appreciate it and you! You’re such a great friend. I am so happy our blog post helped you today. Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..2011 Will Be Your Best Year Ever – Steps To Ensure SuccessMy Profile

  11. Adrian Padua Says:

    Visualization is a good way to understand how to reach your goals. While some people pass this off as just wishful thinking, it actually does help you figure out how to attain your goals.

    Once you learn how, just make a plan like you say in your post. Plan exactly how you will do it. Plan the exact steps and learn the skills you need to learn to become successful. Don’t let anything stop you

    Great Post! Keep it up!

    Adrian Padua
    Adrian Padua�´s last blog post ..MLM Training- Finding the Right Bass Player For Your MLM BusinessMy Profile

  12. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Adrian,
    So nice to meet you here on our blog! Thank you for your kind comments. I see you are experienced with visualization…how wonderful! Hope to see you again. Aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Are You Willing To Commit To Achieving Your Goals In 2011My Profile

  13. Melissa McCloud Says:

    decide decide DECIDE! i gotta say, that’s the hardest part for most people i work with, and for me it’s something that’s always evolving. my husband and i sat together to do our goals for 2011, and it’s such a FUN exercise to do with a partner. i’m still refining my plan for my biz (to include balancing baby!) and thanks for the tips kellie 🙂
    Melissa McCloud�´s last blog post ..The Man-Child You Love To HateMy Profile

  14. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Melissa,
    I am so happy you are planning your life with your husband and your new baby. You are going to have so much fun! You may be surprised though, there will be a new “boss” in the house…LOL! After I quit my job, I have always said “Now I only have 1 boss…my son”! And I have to admit, I love working for my son, my boss! It’s so much fun! You already have everything going for you Melissa! Thanks for your comments and support. Aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..The Greatest Gift You Can Give To YourselfMy Profile

  15. Jose H. Caraballo Says:

    Like the old saying goes: “How do you eat an elephant?…One bite at a time”

    Many of us have big goals that need to be broken down into bite-sized pieces or we run the risk of burnout.

    Thanks Kellie, I keep having to remind myself to do this so you just helped me out tremendously.

    Jose H. Caraballo�´s last blog post ..Are you Ready for a Retirement AccountMy Profile

  16. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Jose,
    I am so glad we helped you today! And I love that elephant saying too!
    Thank you for visiting today Jose and for your comments. Aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..2011 Will Be Your Best Year Ever – Steps To Ensure SuccessMy Profile

  17. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    “Remember how you felt in December 2011?”
    I’m with Teresa ~ I just love this idea! Gets me immediately into a happy prosperous state and then it’s so easy to work backwards and plan out what I should be doing Now.

    Awesome series, goddess Kellie.
    Can’t wait to see where we go next week!

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates�´s last blog post ..Goals and Good HabitsMy Profile

  18. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Awe, you always know how to make me feel good! 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed our post and video. It’s so much fun sharing and watching to see everyone’s comments. Thank you for being such a great friend! Your support has been simply Goddess like! Aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Are You Willing To Commit To Achieving Your Goals In 2011My Profile

  19. Sire Says:

    Hi Kellie, I love the idea of the first exercise, and I can see the sense in planning your moves in regards to business.

    Unless you plan properly you can fail miserably when it comes to setting up a business. The analogy of a holiday is a great example.
    Sire�´s last blog post ..To Moderate Or Not To Moderate- That Is The QuestionMy Profile

  20. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Peter,
    It’s always such a pleasure to see you on our blog! Thank you for visiting and for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the first exercise as it moves into planning. I hope you return back for part 3 next week. Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Your Closest Friends Affect Your Income And Your HappinessMy Profile

  21. Sire Says:

    It’s always a pleasure visiting Kellie, it’s like I’m one of your cousins or something 😉

    I’ll try to come back, if not just Tweet me when the post is done.
    Sire�´s last blog post ..Reviewing Two More Auto-Responders MailChimp Still WinsMy Profile

  22. Kellie Says:

    You are so sweet Peter! Thank you very much. I love visiting your blog cause you have so much valuable information! Your like an encyclopedia for bloggers. Thanks again. 🙂

  23. Anne Sales Says:

    Keeping track of your mini series. That’s a good point–Designing your plan…. I believe in every word you say. It reminds me of a slogan I learned when I was young and it says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
    Anne Sales�´s last blog post ..iContact Coupon CodeMy Profile

  24. Kellie Says:

    Mahalo (thank you) Anne! So nice to see you again! I am glad you are enjoying our series. Let me know how it’s working for you. Aloha 🙂

  25. Ashlee @ Moral Bower Blog Says:

    Amazing post from you. You have figured out the method very clear about how we design our life differently. I really enjoyed reading your article and viewing you video. Great job!
    My goals for the year: to settle down in a great place with my boyfriend, and start a home, and work on my business goals. 🙂
    Ashlee @ Moral Bower Blog�´s last blog post ..Mandara SPA &8211 exotic paradise for the body and soulMy Profile

  26. Kellie Says:

    Wow, very cool Ashlee! I am so glad you are getting a lot from our posts. Your goals sound great and let us know how our 4 part series works for you. Thank you for visiting and commenting! Aloha 🙂

  27. Debra Agoo Says:

    And to think all these years I’ve been doing it kapakahi! And no wonder successful people are successful! Start with the end in mind.They do the opposite from unsuccessful people. Thank you Kellie for showing us the right way to plan and breaking it down into more manageable bites. Even a kid could do this. Looking forward to part 3 of this series! Thank you, thank you.:)

  28. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Debra,
    It’s so nice to see you here on our blog! I am glad you are gaining insight from our posts! Much aloha 🙂

  29. Chris McCargar Says:

    Hey Kellie…I ALWAYS Feel BETTER after reading your post!

    Your 2011 Plan has got some EXCELLENT ideas, Kellie. I especially like the way you’ve had us use visualization of our “end result”… where we aspire to be.

    Working backward gives the participant some mileposts from which they can measure their progress. I think that is often the sticking point and one where people give up on because they don’t see progress.

    Your plan addresses where we should be, and if we’re to take it serious…it’ll allow us to correct our course before straying off too far. I hope that many will adopt your plan to change their lives and report back to give us motivation to continue.
    Chris McCargar�´s last blog post ..Manifest Your LifeMy Profile

  30. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Chris,
    Thank you very much for your kind comments. We are so glad you are enjoying our posts. I hope you return for parts 3 & 4 too.
    Aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..Making 2011 Your Best Year Ever – Take Action and Be AccountableMy Profile

  31. lani iokua Says:

    Aloha Kellie,
    Love it! Seeing where you wanna be and working backwards, breaking it down to a daily action.

    Have an awesome day!

  32. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Lani,
    Thank you for your comments and for dropping by on our blog. Aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..2011 Will Be Your Best Year Ever – Steps To Ensure SuccessMy Profile

  33. GigiNJones Says:

    Thanks Kellie,

    I see the value in planning. It is not optional 🙂 Any other way allows for high probability of unmet goals.

    Got it!

  34. Maria Says:

    Thank you for your inspiration. i am a distributor for 2 years and would like to know what methods you use in your business.

  35. Aldrina Says:

    Aloha, Kellie:

    Thanks for bringing me back to this aweiwa? Seems like I skipped it for some years 😉 I do love the concept of staring at the end of the year – then breaking it down into quarters, then months then days. Believe it or not, I’m actually making my very own chart to help me in this process 🙂 It makes sense to me now! Thank you!

  36. Aldrina Says:

    typo “awiwa” should say series 🙂

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