Did You Know Your Human Emotions Can Guide You Like A GPS?


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Do you know what a GPS is?  All I know is, it’s an automatic device which tells me where to go in my car when I plug in my destination.  I don’t know how it works and I don’t know how my car works either, I just know that if I tell the GPS (Global Positioning System) where I want to go, it tells me when I am going in the wrong direction and then adjusts to tell me how to get back on track to my destination.

So what if I told you we all have one of those GPS’s inside of us which tells us if we are going in the right direction, or if we have made the wrong turn and which way to go to get back on track again?  Well, we do!  It’s called our Emotional Guidance Scale and once we understand how to use it, we will always be on the right track!  Cool, huh? 😎

Ask and It Is Given

Abraham-Hicks wrote a book called “Ask and It Is Given“, and in this book they explain that our guidance system is our emotions and how we are feeling. They give us a scale of emotions from 1 to 22 and the lower the number, the better we are feeling.  If we are feeling an emotion of “love” which is #1, our body is vibrating at a very high level and we are going in the right direction for us.  If we are feeling “fear”, which is #22, our body is vibrating at a very low level and we are going in the wrong direction.

It almost sounds too simple huh?  However, try it because it works!  Think about someone you know who is always happy. 😀  Doesn’t everyone want to be around them and thus they probably have a lot of influence!  And influence leads to leadership!  Now think about someone who is always complaining. 🙁 They are not the most popular people are they?  How much influence does this person have? 🙄

Love, Joy & Appreciation

I was introduced to Abraham-Hicks many years ago and I even attended a “live” seminar locally with my son.  It was fascinating!  We have been doing our best to live by these principles and always use our guidance system to gauge if we are on track or off track.  When we know we are “off track”, we catch ourselves and focus on grateful and happy thoughts.  We talk about experiences which make us feel really good and how grateful we are to have the wonderful life we have.  In a short period of time, we find ourselves right back up to “love, joy, & appreciation”.  Our vibrations change and everything starts to flow the way we want it to.  Try it and you’ll see for yourself. 😆

Here’s the Emotional Guidance Scale from the “Ask and It is Given” book:

1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelment
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

And here is a short video with Abraham-Hicks explaining how to Get Happy:

Go Up The Emotional Scale

Where ever you are on the emotional scale, do your best to work your way up the emotional scale.  Hang around people who are joyful and full of love.  You’ll soon feel a lot better, and everything in your life will get better and better.  It’s such a wonderful feeling! 😆

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Sending you a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!


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21 Comments For This Post

  1. Danielle Zack Says:

    A beautiful post and a beautiful video Kellie!
    Thank you for sharing this. It is very easy for us human beings to be ruled and guided by our emotions. And the video is so true, whatever we want in life is attainable if we just move up the scale and ‘get happy’. The key is being aware of our emotions and makeing the decision to conrol them instead of letting them control us.

    A very powerful lesson! Thank you Kellie!

    Danielle 🙂
    Danielle Zack�´s last blog post ..Do You Want to Win the RaceMy Profile

  2. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Danielle,
    Thank you so much for your comments. It sounds almost too simples sometimes doesn’t it? However, it is true. Just be Happy.
    Much love & gratitude,
    Kellie 🙂

  3. Annette Morris Keane Says:

    Of course you already know how much I Loved this! Thank you teach!! <3<3

  4. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Annette,
    Yes we know how much you love Abraham! You are very welcome and thank you for visiting our blog.
    Love 🙂

  5. Jose H. Caraballo Says:

    I have definitely run into this a few times in my life. I feel so much better when I am going in the right direction and that little voice seems to become so loud when I am going the wrong way.

    As it is said, trust your instincts and you will be just fine.

    Thanks for the inspiring post and for such a great reminder that is too easily forgotten.

  6. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Jose,
    So wonderful to see you again! We are so happy you enjoyed our post. I really appreciate your kind comments. Thank you 🙂

  7. John McGinn Says:


    In my mind, I kept hearing the song: “Don’t worry – be happy!”

    Great post. Sometimes the most profound truths are the most simple.


    John McGinnÃ�´s last blog post ..Ways to Overcome Fear – Psychological Self-improvementMy Profile

  8. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha John,
    Thank you for your comments! Great to see you again. Aloha 🙂

  9. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    “Get Happy”
    That’s all we need ~ and I’m very grateful for the reminder, Kellie. And by the way, one of the ways I do Get Happy, is by reading the fabulous wisdom you post here on a regular basis.
    The goddess known as Jacqui

  10. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Awe Jacqui, you touch my heart :))) You are such a joy and I am so happy I have been given the opportunity to connect with you every week. Thank you so much for your kind heart! It’s a reflection of You! Aloha 🙂

  11. Shannon Tecson Says:

    Hi Kellie!
    What an awesome way to educate the most elementary person just starting on their journey! I love that you posted the guidance scale, because as a maturing individual on her way to self-mastery, I can see that on most days I am very happy. And there are days when my GPS tells me I’m off track. This is great for the individual who is ready to take personal responsibility for themselves and for their success. It’s also a great reminder that even on a day when I am feeling “boredom” that this is way up higher on the scale than fear. It’s important not to get our emotions all mixed up for what they really are.
    Great post Kellie!
    Love you much,
    Shannon Tecson�´s last blog post ..YOU Can Be a Generational BlessingMy Profile

  12. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Shannon,
    Thank you for your wisdom as you have worked with this philosophy for many years too. It is so important to understand where we are in the scale so we can identify which way is up towards joy and love.
    Thank you for your comments. Aloha 🙂

  13. Young And Fabulous Says:

    I have a co-worker who always focuses on the negative and compains and whines all the time. You’re right, the person has no influence at all, no matter where she transfers, she keeps getting the same experience over and over again. I always tell my kids that you expand what you focus on, so we’ve been focusing on being grateful for what we have, what’s right or what’s working (instead of what’s wrong), and happiness. Very informative post, Kellie!
    Young And Fabulous�´s last blog post ..My Hot Mom Of The Week- Tyesha BrownMy Profile

  14. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Cherrie,

    I am so happy you got a lot from our posts. Your children are so fortunate to be raised by an aware mom like you! Life is such a joy for “happy” and “worry free” children. They just enjoy the ride! I am blessed in that the home based business industry brought me home when my son was 8 years old and I had been taught these principles for the last 15 years, so he lived with them since then.

    Your children will have such a wonderful and happy life Cherrie! I am so glad we have the opportunity to connect here. Thanks for visiting 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Did You Know Your Human Emotions Can Guide You Like A GPSMy Profile

  15. Val Wilcox Says:

    Oh Kellie,
    I love this post about emotional guidance system. We definitely do and will attract the same vibrations we send out to the Universe. Deciding each moment how we chose to see things keeps us on track with our system.

    It amazing how many awesome people I’ve met since I chose to open up to positive thinking. You, my dear, are one of them! I’m so grateful to have you as a friend.
    Val 😉
    Val Wilcox�´s last blog post ..Go With the FlowMy Profile

  16. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Awe, thank you Val! I will receive your beautiful words. I must say that I feel the same way about you and it is always a reflection of ourselves isn’t it?
    It brings me great joy to know that I have assisted you today because you always assist me too! Thank you again for always being such a positive impact in our lives. Much love & aloha 🙂

  17. Holly Says:

    Great advice Kellie. Gotta recognize when things are going great, feel that goodness and appreciate it. Gotta recognize that not so happy feeling before it gets you down and trying to do that oneself is so important in helping others see it in themselves. Share that good feeling. It is soo cool to recognize how you feel and be able to make that shift. Thanks for the reminder!
    Holly�´s last blog post ..What is a WorkoutMy Profile

  18. Tinei Says:

    Love the article! Very informative and confirming to what I’m finding nowadays. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts Kellie it feels so good to know that you are always just a click away :).

    <3 Tinei

  19. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Tinei! Thank you so much for your comments. It brings me great joy to know you are gaining insight from our articles! Much love & gratitude 🙂

  20. Sandhan Says:

    The basis of your life is freedom and joy!
    Get happy.
    Follow your bliss…
    The solution to every problem lies in releasing RESISTANCE.

    Funny we all ended up in the same Mastermind group!!
    Do you suppose our GPS had anything to do with it? LOL

    Love your posts Kellie… there are now only about 3 degrees of separation I reckon.

    Blessings and love XXX
    Sandhan�´s last blog post ..My Desire Statement Tell The Universe What you Want!My Profile

  21. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Sandhan,
    Sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier! Oh, I know you get all this Abraham stuff! Yes, I love being in the mastermind group with you! Much love & aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Take A Quantum Leap To Happiness And SuccessMy Profile

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