Don’t Quit On Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Years ResolutionsHow Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

According to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology, only about 8% of people who make a New Year’s Resolution, are successful in keeping them.   😥

Why Do 92% Fail To Keep Their Resolutions?

Resolutions are hard to keep because they require us to change our habits. We all tend to do things a certain way, and we do them over and over, day in and day out. 😯   That’s why Change is Uncomfortable, and requires effort and discipline, to start do things differently than we are habitually doing.  


Here Are Some Tips On Keeping Your Resolutions:


If you’d like some exercises on “How to start re-programming your subconscious mind“, click here for another blog post & video.


Let us know what happens after doing our exercises for 30 days, 60 days & 90 days.  We’d love to hear about your New Year’s Resolutions success!  😆


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