Why Einstein Said “Reality Is An Illusion” and How It Affects Your Business

Einstein and quantum physics“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”

Did you ever wonder why Albert Einstein said this?  I didn’t understand it until I started to study Quantum Physics.  Then this statement interested me because if reality is an illusion, then what is real?  🙄

What Is Quantum Physics?

Quantum Physics is a branch of physics providing a mathematical description of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interaction of matter and energy (according to Wikipedia).  So what does that mean?  😯  Stated very simple, that every particle is a wave of possibilities before it turns into form or matter.  That means we have an infinite number of choices to choose from before the “actual form” is created.

I know, still complicated right? 🙄   I’ll refer you to another post on Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction for more detailed explaination.  You’ve heard of the movie “The Secret” right?  It’s based on the Law of Attraction and the Law of Attraction is basically proven by Quantum Physics.  It states that we, the observer, are creating our own “outer” reality based on our expected results.

Let me show you a trailer of the movie “The Leap” which will boggle your mind:

What If We Are Creating Everything?

Gary Renard said “The world is not being done to you, the world is being done By YOU“. 😯   This statement is exactly what quantum physics is stating and the more I started to look at life this way, the more I found I could change my “outer world”! Amir Zoghi said “You are experiencing through form, a reflection of yourself“.  Now this statement is a tough one to totally accept sometimes. 😮   I remember hearing one of my mentors say that everything in my outer world was a reflection of me, both positive and negative.  Therefore, when I admired qualities in people I looked up to, then I was actually seeing those qualities in myself.   😆  However, when I didn’t like qualities in others, it also meant that I didn’t like those qualities in myself. 😳 In fact, in situations where the circumstance was not favorable, these were really my own creation as my “outer world reflects my inner world” (click on the link for a video showing this).

Will We Wake Up To The Truth?

Now the question is “Will we take the leap or stay asleep“?  Once we realize we are creating our own reality, we begin to see how we are truly manifesting our lives.  Each day we will observe more and as Oprah says, she believes everything follows Newton’s 3rd Law Of Motion:For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction“.  Basically, what we think about, is already being created, and soon we will see it in physical form.  Once we know this to be true, we will see our own manifestations each day of our lives!  It’s magical!   😆

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  1. Shannon Tecson Says:

    Awesome Post Kellie!
    I love that I’m awaken and I see how I do create my reality. My outer reality or illusion are signs for me on where to change my thinking (the source) of how it’s being reflected physically.
    Quantum physics IS mind boggling, interesting, AND wacko!!
    I generally get tongue tied when I’m talking about it, but I get the concepts which is more important. It is learning a new language speaking in quantum physics lingual!!
    I love it!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    The quotes are awesome!


  2. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    The most freeing aspect of being human is the fact we have a god-like part of us which molds our reality.

    The most confining aspect of being human is the fact we have a god-like part of us which molds our reality 😉

    It really is that simple, difficult. We choose to perceive everything around us in a certain way, which literally molds the stuff around us into what we perceive. Mind-bending, mind-blowing, however you want to describe this concept.

    It can also sting too. Your note of that which you dislike in others, exists in you, can be a tough pill to swallow, but if you get over this uncomfortable feeling you can be free. I think it’s worth it 🙂

    I study the law of attraction each day and take frequent breaks to check my level of vibration. I realize that whatever I want already exists, and if I can just relax enough and be light about my work I can attract it into my existence with a minimal amount of physical effort.

    We are mini-gods who co create our realities with the help of a kind and loving Universe.

    Thanks for sharing with us Kellie.

    Ryan Biddulph�´s last blog post ..Why You Are Programmed to Be Broke and How to Change the CodeMy Profile

  3. Annette Morris Keane Says:

    Fantastic Kellie! SO on time for me!xx

  4. Lia Fenelon Says:

    I find this stuff mind boggling but I love it. I’m probably like millions of other people; perfectly accepting of it with regards to all the wonderful, positive things in my life but wanting to reject the idea that i ‘created’ any of the negative, challenging aspects. My goal is to be able to move from understanding it on an intellectual level and to internalise it so that I easily and effortlessly apply it in my life everyday. I consider this a work in progess. Please keep the info coming…
    Lia FenelonÃ�´s last blog post ..Don’t Give Up – Just SurrenderMy Profile

  5. Patrick McIntosh Says:

    Great reminder! We try to kid ourselves or blame others. This helped me put something in perspective today. Thank you!
    Patrick McIntosh�´s last blog post ..Atomic Fourth of July New Year With US SoccerMy Profile

  6. Gregory McGuire Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Well, this is certainly one of the more interesting blog posts I’ve read today. And timely, I might add.

    I love the quote, “We can spend our entire lives trying to stop the waves of the ocean, but in reality, it’s probably wiser to learn how to surf.”

    This kind of stuff is mind-boggling, but at some level, I think we all know it’s true. We might hide behind our belief systems because they’re comfortable, and we need something solid to make us feel secure.

    If reality is an illusion, then what is the true reality? Does such a thing exist? How can we all be one, and still be individuals? How can a quantum particle be 2 places at the same time?

    Awesome, thought-provoking post, Kellie. Thanks for sharing!

    Talk soon,
    Gregory McGuire�´s last blog post ..3 MLM Lead Generation Ideas That Will Explode Your BusinessMy Profile

  7. Jym | Blog Alchemy Says:

    Awesome stuff…

    “With our thoughts we create the world” is a quote famously attributed to the Buddha… And I agree.

    Quantum physics has begun to reveal some of the same conclusions as mystics have been sharing over the centuries and the message is this:

    Responsibility is squarely in our own hands. We are constantly co-creating reality in an ever fluctuating interplay of elements.

    To deny this is to (at the very least) miss out on the magic of life.

    Thanks for sharing! Love the post.
    Jym | Blog Alchemy�´s last blog post ..Nofollow? Dofollow? Better Search and Page Rank vs More Blog CommentsMy Profile

  8. Michaelé Harrington Says:

    Hey Kellie,

    You always find the best videos! I haven’t seen the movie either but it looks like an awesome ‘illusion’ to watch 🙂
    Our minds are just so powerful and yet most people don’t realize that it is a tool that needs our continued guidance. Without an awareness of our automatic thought patterns, we are essentially running around like zombies at the mercy of less evolved parts of our brain.

    Thanks as always for the great topic.
    Michaelé HarringtonÃ�´s last blog post ..How To Control Emotions That Hinder Your SuccessMy Profile

  9. Holly Says:

    The world is being done by you! Quantum Physics is interesting yet wacko, weird or bizarre, but it works! I might even say sometimes it’s freaky! It is amazing to see the results as we live the miracles that unfold. Our results are a reflection of where we are! Great post Kellie!
    Holly�´s last blog post ..Frustrated to the Max!My Profile

  10. edspit Says:

    To know reality is to know the secret of life. You have no reality without life. We are all just a mass of atoms. The life force in us is the reality while all other things are an illusion.

  11. Ken Variya Says:

    The Matrix……

    9 yrs later I axactly understand the concept of the movie.


  12. Nilusha Says:

    Good Post! Thank You for publishing it!

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