The End Of The Industrial Age, Are You Prepared?

Seth Godin forever recessionSeth Godin’s Predictions For 2012

According to Seth Godin in an interview on “The Hour”, we are at the end of the Industrial Age, and most people are totally unprepared for the changes which will take place in 2012!  😯

Security and “Doing What You Are Told” Is Over

There will be many changes in 2012 which have actually been predicted by Robert Kiyosaki for many years now.  The “Rules of the Game” are changing and Seth Godin says we are at the end of a 80 year Industrial Age run and it is over.   He says in the Industrial Age you got a job, you did what you were told, and you retired.  “This Recession is a Forever Recession” and a new Age will take it’s place.

Are You Prepared For This New Age?

Predicted Changes and Steps To Take Now


No Job Security


No one telling you what to do

You can impact the world


No retirement


No stability

Action Steps Now

Learn to become an Entrepreneur part-time as soon as possible

Learn new skills to become Valuable to the Marketplace

Know what your innate gifts are and make a difference now

Start doing what you love & get paid for it. You’ll never have to work again, you’ll just be having fun

Create your own stability by becoming an independent entrepreneur

Take Action Now And You Will Be Prepared

There are so many opportunities available today due to the internet and social media.  I truly believe anyone can learn anything and master it with the information and resources available on-line today.  All we need is a strong desire to change and a willingness to learn and master new skills.  As Jim Rohn said “We Get Paid for Bringing Value to the Marketplace“.

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We would love to here your thoughts about these major changes predicted for 2012 and are you prepared for them?  Please leave us a comment and if you have any questions we’d love to hear them also. 😆  May we ask you to click the “f share” button at the top of the article, to share on Facebook or “retweet” this on Twitter? 

Sending you a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!


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  1. Nathalie Villeneuve Says:

    Awesome post Kellie and so timely. I have to get some books from this guy don’t I?…LOL…There is so much great materiel and courses out there now a day …It’s our choice to learn and change our destiny! To transform ourselves and become the best that we can be is totally attainable!Thank you Kellie!
    Nathalie Villeneuve�´s last blog post ..Why Create Your Own Information ProductsMy Profile

  2. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Nathalie!
    Thank you for your sweet comments! Yes, Seth is awesome! I actually got that information from an interview he did and it was a very short clip. I posted it in your group yesterday. We are all transforming and it is so much fun! Much love & aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..The End Of The Industrial Age, Are You Prepared?My Profile

  3. Sire Says:

    Hey Kellie, I think it’s too early to predict the end of anything. Sure job security isn’t what it used to be but jobs will still be available for many and if that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have to worry about making money on the Internet because there wouldn’t be anyone around to part with their cash.
    Sire�´s last blog post ..This Has To Be The Best WordPress Comment SystemMy Profile

  4. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Peter!
    Come over to the US…and see…LOL! I love that it’s changing cause it creates so much opportunity for people all around the world to show their value, and that they are worthy of the same luxuries as we are.
    And you never know, we may not have to worry about making money on the internet very soon… Thank you for visiting Peter! Much love & aloha 🙂

  5. Melissa McCloud Says:

    hiya kellie! missed you yesteday on skype…

    thanks for sharing seth’s prediciton. i appreciate how my husband (a devout employee) and me (a business owner) can both connect with his work. he’s reading “linchpin” right now, and i can’t decide which of his books is my fave.. maybe “small is the new big” has had the most recent impact. anyways, one thing we (husband and i) can both agree on is bringing value in the marketplace, whether it’s in a job or as an entrepreneur. i do believe seth’s predictions are on their way–and i think this year will be a time for many people to recognize what is happening and decide to make a career change.

    gosh, thanks for making me feel ahead of the curve!
    Melissa McCloudÃ�´s last blog post ..America’s Happiest WomanMy Profile

  6. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Melissa!
    You are so “ahead of the curve”! We are truly blessed to already be an entrepreneur helping others to become their own boss. So much is happening so fast, everyone’s heads are spinning. We all can help by sharing what comes “naturally” for us, our innate gifts, and having fun doing it. Soon everyone will be gravitating towards their purpose and life will change as Seth says. There will be huge opportunity for everyone who is willing to truly help others. Much love 🙂

  7. Miriam Buhr Says:

    Seth Godin has such a clear and simple way about bringing attention to current trends, past trends, & possible trends. If you’re open, you get the message and then some.

    It sure seems like people are really sinking their teeth on the current local and world events which centers on this topic, and that is security. You may have read this quote by Helen Keller which also brings light to what as a collective we’re all feeling… “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.”

    What’s being stirred is our perceptions about security. Some get where we’re at and know what to do it, others get it but don’t know what to do, and still others simply don’t get it and want it all to stop. This topic would go so well in a mastermind session! Thanks Kellie for a thought provoking morning 🙂

    Miriam BuhrÃ�´s last blog post ..You Have Permission — Love Letter From Business Goddess Leonie!My Profile

  8. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Miriam!
    Oooo, sounds like a topic for our tribe mastermind! I love it! You are a very special person Miriam. 🙂
    I love that Helen Keller quote and yes, security itself does not exist because the only thing we know for sure is that everything changes all the time! Thank you for your thought provoking comments Miriam!

    Much love & aloha 🙂

  9. Noelani Kee Says:

    Aloha Kellie, very cool post and video. Great topic and rather a prediction is said by others, the world will take its own course with us or without us. So we have to prepare ourselves for what we are created for and that is to think on our own and help each other in the process of down turns. We are superior beings and not mechanical bots that are systematically act like drones with no brain. We are all gifted with our own talents to share with others.

    I can deal with the changes and welcome it, but good traditions will always stay with me and still be part of my life, as it should. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing. Keep it going! Mahalo, Lani 🙂
    Noelani Kee�´s last blog post ..Video Plugin For WordPressMy Profile

  10. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Lani!
    Thank you for your kind comments. I love when you say “we are superior beings, and not mechanical bots”! 🙂 I totally agree with you. We all have our gifts and talents to share with the world!

    I love your outlook on life! Much love & aloha 🙂

  11. Delmy Says:

    Aloha Kellie! 2012 has stirred up so much speculation which in the end produces insecurity in many people. Your post provides a new perspective to look forward to and relieves the worries by offering alternatives and encouraging pro-active involvement.
    That’s what I believe we need more of: options to make a positive change and prepare for the future, like the old song says, “what will be will be.” Preparation is the way to face it. Great post! You are indeed a woman of vision!
    Delmy�´s last blog post ..Finding Opportunities for Personal GrowthMy Profile

  12. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Delmy!
    Thank you for your wonderful comments! I am glad you found our post encouraging and pro-active. I love helping people see that they are “more than they think they are” and we all have gifts and talents to share with the world! Thank you for your kind comment on my vision. I always see the opportunities and exciting futures for all of us. Much love 🙂

  13. Julieanne Case Says:

    I have been noticing that many are doing just that. My husband and I have been working for ourselves since 1980’s but we have had to change our paths and not do what we once did. I am now into Reconnective Healing, REconnective Art and MLMs. My husband is providing wheat free dog treats on the internet and working on another project. Security is something you must find yourself.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |
    Julieanne Case�´s last blog post ..Relationship Advice: Give Up the Need to be RightMy Profile

  14. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    There is no doubt about it ~ 2012 will be a watershed year.

    Whether we become entrepreneurs or not, we are all going to have to sharpen our saws and hone our skills in order to thrive in the new marketplace.

    No more can you expect employment after college, or expect any employment to last.

    The days of being safe in the herd are gone, and whichever path we choose, we have to make ourselves indispensable and utterly unique.

    As usual, an insightful post, Ms Kellie.

    Here’s to entrepreneurship, new paradigms and deep online connections.

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates�´s last blog post ..Sell What You USE!My Profile

  15. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Jacqui!
    Thank you for your very kind comments. Yes, I agree 2012 will be a very fast moving year full of exciting changes. Yes, here’s to entrepreneurship and deep online connections. 🙂 Much love 🙂

  16. Bruce Says:

    Your prediction: “Start doing what you love & get paid for it. You’ll never have to work again, you’ll just be having fun” really resonated with me. It’s actually what I’m trying to do with my spare time now, blogging, internet marketing etc., and I must say I have more fun than I do with my work – a lifelong career.

    Maybe it’s time to just have fun!

    Bruce�´s last blog post ..Paddling in the PondMy Profile

  17. Tammy J. Duval Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    What you have said was scary! Actually I can already feel the effects of what you have said.
    Tammy J. DuvalÃ�´s last blog post ..Leads onlineMy Profile

  18. Donna Says:

    I’m with you here, Tammy. No retirement and no security are two things I don’t want to think about as part of my future.
    Donna�´s last blog post ..New Blog Perks~!My Profile

  19. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Tammy!
    It’s only scary if you don’t want to change. These are all facts and many people like Robert Kiyosaki & Seth Godin have been telling us this for a long, long time. It’s exciting if we are willing to get educated and become valuable to the marketplace and it’s so much fun! There will be more new opportunities for so many all around the world! Please feel free to read many of our posts. You’ll understand how you can also benefit from all of these changes. Hope to see you again. Aloha 🙂

  20. Holly Says:

    I look very forward to the changes… It will be interesting to talk to those who are employees and so taken by the ‘being looked after’ by the company or government they work for…. Learning how to have an entrepreneur mindset has certainly been challenging.. after being sooooo educated in that ’employee’ mindset!! Interesting to say the least..
    Holly�´s last blog post ..Hooked Into Another Weight Loss Miracle?My Profile

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