Are You Giving and Loving Unconditionally?

Love Unconditionally

Why Is Everyone Giving Unconditionally On The Internet?

Have you wondered why everyone is giving and loving so freely on the Internet and on social media?  Just a little over two years ago, this was the question that went through my mind.  I didn’t understand what Facebook and all of the social media platforms were and why so many people were spending so many hours online.

Why Would Business People Give Away Their Best Tips?

As I decided to be open-minded and started to research, I found that marketing and business were changing in a way that was very foreign to me.  I did however, resonate with it, because it truly was a “win-win” situation. Everyone shared, everyone was happy, and everyone won! It took me a while to really see how this was going to work as everyone gave freely and openly.   🙄

It Was The “Law Of Attraction” In Action

I started to observe so many people who were “giving” so freely everyday and every week.  After a while, they had friends who were interested in what they were offering.  They had become a “trusted authority” within their niche market and they had attracted a following of “like-minded” people.  These people were attracted to them because everyday or every week, they could trust them to provide valuable content within their niche.  After a while, they would become trusted friends. If the “trusted authority” had a product or service to offer, their loyal friends would be more inclined to purchase from their “trusted authority” (who they had received “free” information from for months or even years), than some other “advertising” or “sales call”.  The decision was now an easy one because when we need a product or service, we all rather go to a trusted friend, and especially one who had become a trusted authority and friend.  It was the Law of Attraction at it’s Best!   😯

The Universal Law of Giving and Receiving

According to Deepak Chopra, “The universe operates through dynamic exchange . . . giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.  And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”  When we accept this Universal Law, it’s very easy to see that giving and loving unconditionally is the only authentic way to truly receive.

May I share with you my video on The Law of Giving:

Are You “Giving” To The World?

If you are, Great!  If you’re not yet, you may want to start.  It can be as simple as sharing a video or an article you like on Facebook.  Once you start, and continue to contribute, you will “feel” what the rest of the world is feeling. Facebook, for example, currently has over 600 Million people using it from all over the world and it keeps on growing! 😛

How do you feel about all of the giving and loving on the Internet?  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Sending you a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!


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  1. Shannon Tecson Says:

    Hi Kellie,
    Great article and tip…I feel a little behind on the platform of “blogging” yet, I’ve found my platform of giving and receiving using facebook. The art of giving and receiving through internet is so vast today! Thousands of years ago, people had to “walk” miles to share “a message”..imagine that? One person, one body, walking thousands of miles to share one message. lol, Today, one person, can share one message to millions in one click. Now that is moving mountains!
    What I’ve found in my experience is that even though I might think that no one gets my content, they are. They “silently” are receiving the goodness and positivity that we share.
    Like you, thank you for sharing your positive content into the world. I appreciate you…

    Much love,

  2. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Shannon,
    Thank you for your comments. It’s so great seeing you here on our blog with you beautiful smiling face! Yes, people are watching and are being affected by all of us contributing to the best of our ability. Thank you for your “giving” Shannon! Much love & gratitude 🙂

  3. Roshanda Gilmore Says:

    Hi Kellie!

    Excellent post and video! Truly enjoyed the inspiring message.

    The law of giving before receiving is so easy and profound yet eludes many that have a TAKERS mentality.

    Give VALUE to others because you TRULY want to serve others. What happens next is AMAZING!

    Thanks for the awesome post!
    Roshanda Gilmore�´s last blog post ..Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired In Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  4. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Roshanda,
    Thank you for your kind comments! It’s so nice to meet you here on our blog. Yes, what happens next is truly amazing! Aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..Your Body’s Level Of Vibration Determines Your Experiences In Your LifeMy Profile

  5. Teresa Ivory Says:

    Great thoughts, Kellie! Giving and receiving all the love and information on FB takes time but its so worth it. After moving to a new city, I wouldn’t have any friends if it wasn’t for the internet!

    One of my reactions to all the free information on the internet was appreciation, then confusion, then the shut down of overwhelm. The information age just nearly drowned me. Now I look for people who can provide a concise, easy to access, it-all-makes-sense-now-that-you-explained-it-that-way kind of information product.

    Thanks for another insightful post. I love coming to your blog!
    Teresa Ivory�´s last blog post ..Success Stories- Karen Woolfall- Following Her DreamsMy Profile

  6. Kellie Says:

    Awww, gee thank you Teresa! It’s so good to see you! I miss hearing your voice every week! Isn’t it cool that we can still stay in touch on our blogs, etc.? Thank you so much for dropping and commenting. I so appreciate what you said and it brings me great joy if I even helped one person to understand things that took me years to “get”! I hope my journey of 16 years can help people to shorten theirs. Thanks again Teresa! Hope to talk to you again soon! Aloha 🙂

  7. Kathleen Goldson Clarke Says:

    Hi Kellie,
    I really was puzzled my how all this giving on face book and blogging would work as i am new here, but you are so right. This is the real testing ground for all we have read on the law of giving and receiving. We have worked this law in smaller environments, but now to the whole world. WOW!
    Thanks for sharing. I must say you are really glowing in this video!
    Kathleen Goldson Clarke�´s last blog post ..The Timid BloggerMy Profile

  8. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Kathleen,
    Thank you for your very kind comments! It really means a lot to me to hear such wonderful compliments… I was always the “fatso”, so it is still very new to me to hear such wonderful comments. Thank you Kathleen! Much love & aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Affirmations For Success Will Impact Your ResultsMy Profile

  9. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    Oh Kellie, you are such a shining example of this precept that I don’t think anyone who knows you, could ever doubt the truth of this law.

    Thank you for all the giving you do – the information, the encouragement and support – there are thousands of us who are very, very grateful.

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline GatesÃ�´s last blog post ..Finding Your Niche Isn’t That Hard Either!My Profile

  10. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Jacqui,
    Oh, you are such a good friend! I am so grateful to have friends like you in my life. You make me feel so special and I am thrilled when just one person receives something from our post. Much love 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..What Makes A Great LeaderMy Profile

  11. Sherrie Koretke Says:

    I love how you mentioned another one of the Universal Laws besides the Law of Attraction. The two you stated go hand in hand with the Law of Action. Thank you for the great post!

  12. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Sherrie,
    It’s so nice to meet you here on our blog! Thank you for your comments and I am glad you love the Laws of the Universe too! Aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Why We Do What We DoMy Profile

  13. Melissa McCloud Says:

    isn’t it beautiful how you and i have forged a relationship through the “giving” of social media kellie? what exciting times we live in to be able to connect *instantaneously* through social media.

    when i first jumped online i had to get over the skepticism i held… i didn’t believe all the marketers and gurus that gave away free content! now i get it! 🙂
    Melissa McCloudÃ�´s last blog post ..“The Magic Of Thinking Big” Book ReviewMy Profile

  14. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Melissa,
    Yes, it is beautiful Melissa! I am so glad I met you online. It just shows how we may have never really met or probably wouldn’t know each other as well if it weren’t for social media! I love that you love it too! Thank you for your comments! Aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..Your Body’s Level Of Vibration Determines Your Experiences In Your LifeMy Profile

  15. Val Wilcox Says:

    Giving unconditionally has taken the world by a storm, hasn’t it! I for one am very glad to see it. Creating connections with others through social media is a fantastic way to empower you in your personal and business lives. The open flow of energy this creates is awesome!

    Val 😉
    Val Wilcox�´s last blog post ..Prosperity Consciousness and YouMy Profile

  16. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Val,
    Yes, it has! And it’s because of givers like you Val! I am so fortunate to have met and learned from wonderful bloggers like you! Thank you for teaching me so much! Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Affirmations For Success Will Impact Your ResultsMy Profile

  17. Debra Agoo Says:

    Thank you again for the lesson. Isn’t providing feedback or commenting on someone’s blog post a way of giving back too? I benefit so much from your blog posts but don’t always comment, so how are you supposed to know what we glean from it? I got it. I intend to get better at this and give more instead of just take take take all the time. Thank you for all that you give from your heart. You truly do Live Aloha! <3

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