Kellie’s Weight Loss Story

Kellie Food AddictionAloha, I’m Kellie Hosaka and I’d like to share my weight loss journey with you.


Ever since I can remember, I have been on a diet!  I was always teased everyday in school “Fatso, Fatso” everyone used to call me in elementary school!  I ended up being a “home body” and a “recluse” because I was not good at sports and no one wanted me on their team.  Food and the television became my best friends from a very young age.


Kellie’s Video On Her Weight Loss

Here’s a video where I talk about my struggles with weight and with my health:

YouTube Preview Image


I did a blog post entitled “My Personal & Very Private Addiction To Food(click on the linkable title) and it was the most difficult article I have ever written.  I cried as I wrote it because I had to go back there and re-live the pain to tell the story.   :cry:  To this day, it is very difficult for me, however, I love helping others who feel the same way because I Know we have the solution and I Can assist them if they are willing.

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