New Rules Of Money For Home Based Business – Robert Kiyosaki

Starting a home based network marketing business and succeeding as an entrepreneur can be difficult without the proper guidance and education.  Fortunately, when I started my home business in 1995, I started with a very reputable company and I had incredible mentors to follow.  They lead me through a step-by-step process to not only learn the network marketing business and all of the skills I would have to learn to be successful, but to also transition me from being an employee to becoming a big Business person.

Be Coach-able With Your Mentor(s)

I was very “coach-able” because I really wanted to be home with my 8 year old son, and I was tired of missing him everyday (working 14 hrs/day at my job). 😥   My mentors and our company made me see that if I wanted freedom and I wanted to make residual income, then I would have to become a Big Business person or an Investor.  I had no clue how to be either one and I didn’t have the money to invest.  They patiently allowed me to make my mistakes and were always there to encourage me as I transformed myself and my value system to one of a Big Business person verses an employee.  (To learn the differences in values between an employee and an entrepreneur, sign up for my Free 9 Day Video Series on the form below). It wasn’t always easy, and most of my friends and family were employees, so they did not understand why I was changing so much.

The Employee, Small Business Person, Big Business Person, & Investor

I was always encouraged to study personal development and to grow myself.  Jim Rohn always said “For Things To Change, I Have To Change. For Things To Get Better, I Had To Get Better.” I heard those words over and over….. One of the coaches who I have studied extensively in the Financial area is Robert Kiyosaki. He is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad“.  He explains how there are 4 basic people in the world of business.  The Employee (E), the Small Business person (S), the Big Business person (B), and the Investor (I).  He taught me that the B & I’s were the ones who create jobs, therefore they are eligible for tax exemptions.  The E & S’s work hard for Earned Income which is taxed at the highest rate, verses the B & I’s work hard for Passive & Portfolio Income because it is either not taxed or is taxed at a very low rate.  Robert Kiyosaki taught me to become educated in Financial Literacy and to increase my Financial IQ.

Here is Part 2 of the New Rules Of Money by Robert Kiyosaki (Part 1, click here):

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Shannon Tecson Says:

    I am forever grateful to you for introducing personal development into our group and bringing to limelight great authors like Robert Kiyosaki in helping us to understand money, business, entrepreneurship and these four basic quandrants. As a result, this has helped me tremdendously in understanding the mindset of where I should be at and the mindset of where my prospects are at. It gives me much freedom to understand such basics and makes me feel much wiser with this type of education that they certainly haven’t taught us in school.

    Thank you for this great post!

  2. Kellie Says:

    You have learned well Shannon, as I know you have studied “Conspiracy Of The Rich” also. I hope that more people study Robert’s work because he has predicted so much of what is happening in the financial world. Thank you for your comments<3

  3. GigiNJones Says:

    Hi Kellie,
    I have to thank you for making my learning so easy! I appreciate all your efforts in bringing to light this type of information. There is so much to learn and I’m doing my best to absorb all the information and apply it.

  4. Kellie Says:

    I am so happy that you are learning Gigi and that it is with ease which is part of my mission. You are doing just great Gigi, just follow you intuition and study the topic which really interest you. Mahalo for sharing. <3

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