Are You Giving and Loving Unconditionally?

Love Unconditionally

Why Is Everyone Giving Unconditionally On The Internet?

Have you wondered why everyone is giving and loving so freely on the Internet and on social media?  Just a little over two years ago, this was the question that went through my mind.  I didn’t understand what Facebook and all of the social media platforms were and why so many people were spending so many hours online. (more…)

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Affirmations For Success Will Impact Your Results

Visualize successHow Are You Feeling Today?

When you got up this morning, how were you feeling? How are you feeling right now?  If you are like me, I never really thought about how I felt because I was so busy “doing” what I thought I had to do everyday.  Then one day I realized I wasn’t happy or fulfilled. 😥 (more…)

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What Makes A Great Leader?

What Makes A LeaderWhat Is Leadership?

One of my favorite authors and speakers on leadership is John Maxwell.  John says “The True Measure of Leadership is Influence– Nothing More, Nothing Less”.  He also says “He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk”. (more…)

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Why We Do What We Do

Questioning HabitsEver Wonder Why We Keep On Doing The Same Things Over & Over?

Have you ever decided to change your results and before you knew it, you were back in your old routines? Does this sound familiar?  How about your New Year’s Resolution? How is that going for you so far this year?

It’s the second week in February and if you are like most people, you haven’t changed your habits, so your New Year’s Resolutions are not really proceeding as planned, yes? 🙄   Be honest with yourself because it’s still early and we can still change to make our 2011, Your Best Year Ever! 😀 (more…)

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This Is Already Your Best Year Ever – The Final Step

Are You Seeing Measurable Results For Your Goals?

We are giving you the 4 steps which are crucial to making this year your best year ever, and ensuring your success in business and in life.  This is Step 4 – Celebrate and Fix.  If you missed Step 1 – Decide and Visualize, please click on “5 Minutes A Day Can Transform You To Have Your Best Year″,  Step 2 – Designing Your Plan, and Step 3 – Taking Action and Being Accountable. (more…)

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