Make This Year Your Best Year Ever – Take Action and Be Accountable

Making 2011 Your Best Year EverAre You Getting Into Action To Make This Your Best Year Ever?

We are giving you the 4 steps which are crucial to making this year, your best year ever, and ensuring your success in business and in life.  This is Step 3 – Taking Action and Being Accountable.  If you missed Step 1 – Decide and Visualize, please click on 5 Minutes A Day Can Transform You To Have Your Best Year Ever″, and Step 2 – Designing Your Plan. (more…)

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Are You Willing To Commit To Achieving Your Goals In 2011?

Pig is committed

Are You Committed or Interested in Achieving Your Goals?

When you look at this bacon & egg breakfast, 2011 goal settingone animal was committed while the other was just interested in giving us a delicious breakfast.  The pig was committed and the chicken was just interested.  Which one are you? (more…)

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Yourself

Are You Stressed During The Holidays?

How are you feeling during this time of year?  Are you stressed out because there are only a few shopping days left before Christmas?  Are you thinking, I can’t believe it’s the end of 2011?  Are you worried about the future?

Take Time For Yourself (more…)

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How A Home Based Business Can Eliminate Stress During The Holidays

Are You A Scrooge During The Holidays?

Are you wondering how you are going to get everything done this holiday season?  Does that stress you out or do you become a Scrooge during this time of year?  I used to be so stressed when I was working 14 hrs/day in the corporate world and I had to fit in shopping, gift wrapping, sending cards, parties, preparing food, and everything else that went along with the holidays!  I was a big Scrooge! 😡

My Home Based Business Gave Me Time (more…)

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Would You Like To Be A Great Communicator?

best Communicator

Have You Ever Miscommunicated With Someone?

I sure have!  I used to wonder how come we were all on the same conference call and 5 people heard totally different things on the same call!  I was baffled. 😯  I really thought how come they didn’t hear what the speaker said?  Duh! I had no clue! 🙄

Have You Heard Of The Four Quadrant Personality Traits? (more…)

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