Finding Your Purpose In Life – Ambition to Meaning

Your Purpose In Life

I love this movie called “Ambition To Meaning” or “The Shift” by Dr. Wayne Dyer!  He explains the concept of finding your purpose in life as he plays “himself, Wayne Dyer” in this movie, and then shows us many different characters who go through “the shift”.

Have you found your purpose in life?  Do you feel like there has got to be more to life than what you are currently doing everyday?  That’s how I felt in 1995, when I decided to take the “U-turn”, as Wayne says, a whole new road from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.
When I first started my Home Based Business, I had no clue what my purpose in life was or that there even was a purpose to my life? 🙄  All I knew was, I couldn’t miss any more precious days and years of my son’s life any longer! (more…)
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Word of Mouth + Social Media = Exponential World of Mouth

Social Media – A Fundamental Shift In Communication

Social Media is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate today.  Why? What’s your favorite restaurant?  What made you decide to try it the first time you ate there?

Loyalty & Trust

About 20 years ago, we were looking for a good Japanese restaurant in our area.  We wanted good Japanese food at a reasonable price, and we expected good service.  We asked people to recommend a good Japanese restaurant.  There was one restaurant which my parents really liked, and we started to go there weekly.  We enjoyed the food, it was reasonably priced, the service was good, and soon enough, the owner noticed that my mother was a frequent customer, so they became friends.  

Today, my mother gets special treatment and reservations whenever she wants to.  And guess what?  It’s the only Japanese restaurant we ever go to. They developed a “loyal” customer for the last 20 years and we recommend the restaurant to everyone.

So, I was looking at this and how this relationship was developed:

1) What is their target or niche market? (people who want reasonably priced, good Japanese food)
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Find Your Voice & Inspire Others To Find Theirs – the 8th Habit

I read Stephen Covey’s book, “The 8th Habit”, back in 2004, and I liked his message: From Effectiveness To Greatness.  His previous book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was a best seller and I had been introduced to it in the corporate world.  Recently, I took another look at the 8th Habit and instead of focusing on the message “from effectiveness to greatness”, another message resonated with me, “Find Your Voice And Inspire Others To Find Theirs”.  This is exactly what is happening today with the internet and social media!   😀

I got excited because I realized Stephen Covey has been saying this all along, I just never heard it!! 🙄   He says, we have been through 4 economic eras:

1) Hunters & Gathers Age – technology was the bow & arrow; 1 unit of effort = 1 unit of production.

2) Agricultural Age – technology was the farmer; 1 unit of effort = 50 units of productivity.

3) Industrial age – technology was specialization, mass production; 1 unit of effort = 2,500 units of productivity.

4) Information age – technology is the knowledge worker; 1 unit of effort – a world of units of productivity.

As we have expanded from one era to the next, man has had to grow and adjust to the change in technology and productivity.  Today, we are in a time where the old rules of the Industrial age are ending and we are experiencing the maturity of the Information age. (more…)
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7 Essential Characteristics Leading To Success – Charice’s Story

What determines that saying “A Star Is Born”?

I’ll never forget the day I saw Charice on the Oprah Winfrey show on May 12, 2008.  She brought me to tears, it was like the Universe was speaking through her voice.  It was the most inspiring performance from a little 15 year old girl who lived in the Philippines.  I remember feeling such love in my heart and I couldn’t stop crying.  I knew she was going to be a Big Star!

After being mesmerized that day, I followed her career and watched her perform on Youtube.  Then recently, I saw her on Oprah again and this time, she’s launching her 1st album!  In 2 years, she is now a Mega Star. 😯  I started to research her life and I was inspired to write this blog post because her life has the same secrets to success which all really successful people have: (more…)
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