Are You Afraid Of How Fast Things Are Changing Around You?

Overwhelmed With Information

It seems like everywhere you look today, something is changing.  We are living in the information age and we are getting “bombarded” with information overload.  Everything you could ever want to learn about anything can be found by just asking Google! 🙂   In my youth, my parents saved up all their money to spend thousands of dollars just to buy me an encyclopedia and dictionary set. Today all of that is available for free!  So yes, times have changed and they are changing very fast.

Facts of the Fast Paced Changes in Our World Today:

– the amount of new technical data is doubling every 2 years

– online social media has become the most influential source in helping consumers make purchasing decisions.

Facebook is now the operating system on the social web (more…)

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Why Daily Affirmations Are One Of The Crucial Keys To Success

Repeating A Statement Over & Over?

I had heard about daily affirmations probably all my life, however, I really did not take them seriously and I didn’t understand why they would work.  It didn’t make any sense to me why repeating a phrase over and over again would actually make it come true.   It was only after I entered the network marketing industry and decided to be “teachable”, did I start to understand why daily affirmations were imperative to my success.

Quantum Physics Convinced Me

I actually did a lot of research and study to convince my left brain why and how daily affirmations work.  After studying Quantum Physics, I learned that my thoughts create how I feel, and how I feel determines what I do, and what I do created my results!  Then when my results were great, I had even better thoughts and I was even more excited.  Then if I had excited thoughts, I felt excited, which created excited actions, which created exciting results!!  Wow, that was simple! 😯

Change Thoughts Pro-Actively

Here’s a diagram we created to see how this works if we want to change our thoughts pro-actively:

Most of my life, I was in a re-active mode because I didn’t understand how this process worked.  I used to have the same thoughts everyday, which created the same feelings, which created the same action, which created the same results!  Then when I was not happy with the results, I would be sad, and this repeated over and over again in my life.  I believe it was Albert Einstein who said “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

It Really Works

One of the things I used to say to myself and others was “when I sniff food, I gain 5 lbs”!  Well, no wonder I had a big problem with food and my weight. (click on this link to read about my history with food)  Once I solved my weight challenge, I realized I was saying “no matter what I eat, I can’t gain an ounce”, and it’s true today, I don’t gain any weight no matter what I eat!!  Hmmm 😆

It sounds too simple huh?  However, please try it because it works like crazy!  I started to write new affirmations and say them over and over and over!  I would put signs up all over my house and in my car until the affirmations would run in my subconscious automatically.  They really work and over the years, so many of my affirmations have come true!

Try It

So, here’s something to try, pick one trait or thing you want to change and write an affirmation statement.  For example, “I am a great leader, I am a great speaker, I am healthy, etc”.  Write it down on a card and put it in your wallet.  Print signs with your statement on it and post it in areas where you will see it many times daily. Say your affirmations at least every hour and any other time you remember.  Soon, it will be a recording in your mind and it will just go off anytime you are not consciously thinking of something.  Then watch what happens over time!  One day you’ll wake up and see that you have become your affirmation!  It’s really cool!  The key is consistency each and every day until the affirmation becomes a habit to your subconscious.

Another Affirmation Tool

Here’s another way I would help myself to affirm specific traits.  I would find videos or audios which would assist me with my thoughts.  Here’s an example of one of my favorites.  Watch it in higher definition if you can, take 3 long deep breaths before you start, and see how you feel as you relax and just take the message in:

Your Feelings Affect Your Results

Doesn’t that make you feel pretty good?  It is programming your thoughts with abundant affirmations, which then create abundant feelings, which will create abundant actions, which will create abundant results!

We hope you gained some insight from this post on daily affirmations and why it is one of the secrets to success.  May we ask you to share by clicking the “f share” button at the top of the article, or “retweet” this post on Twitter?  And we would love to hear your comments at the end of the article. Tell us if this has been helpful to you and if you had any questions about it.

Also, if you’d like to learn tips and secrets I’ve used in the past 15 years, sign up for our video series below.

Sending you a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!

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Time Management Tips For The Home Business Owner

Time Management for Your Network Marketing BusinessFinding Time For Your Home Based Business

One of the questions which people ask me quite frequently is “how did I find the time to start my home based network marketing business when I worked 14 hrs/day at my job?”.  It’s interesting because when your desire to do something is so strong, you will take the time to do it.  And in 1995, when I decided to do a home based business, I had a very strong desire to start spending time with my 8 year old son and to do that, I had to bring in a FT income.

I became the best student and I want to share with you some of what I believe to be the “Keys” to Time Management which is really Self Management.

Time Management Tips For The Home Based Business Owner:

1) Time is the most valuable commodity we have.  We all have 24 hrs/day and we can’t buy another hour no matter how much money we have.  Start to value every second as if it was money, because everyday we are given 86,400 seconds and if we don’t use it wisely will be gone forever.  Suppose we had $86,400 to use daily, and if we didn’t use it wisely it would be gone forever, would we be very careful about how we used it?  Yes, in fact, we would invest it so it would not be wasted.  Now think about every second this way, because if we would invest it in learning, in leaving our legacy, in duplication, into things which we knew would always have a return in the future, we would never waste another second again. 😛 (more…)

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Are You Happy & Fulfilled In Your Life?

Happy Face RedAs a young girl, I dreamt of getting married, having a house, a child, & a dog.  I really thought this was the “American dream”.  As I grew up, I realized I wanted a career also, so I could contribute to my family because the cost of living in Hawaii was very expensive.  To my dismay, after working in the corporate world for 13 years, I realized…I got married to the best guy, I had the best son, the house, and even the dog, however, I didn’t spend any time with them because all I did was work at the job!  So I wasn’t Happy, I wasn’t Successful, I wasn’t Grateful, and I wasn’t Fulfilled.  I was Loved by others, but not by myself.

Then I discovered the Home Based Business industry and I became successful pretty quickly, however, I was still not totally Happy, not feeling Successful, somewhat Grateful, not Fulfilled and still did not love myself.  So why not? 🙄   I soon realized that being successful is much more than just finances or status.  In the corporate world, most people measure success by your title and your income level, so we all learn to measure our own success this way.  Well, in our own Home Based Business, we are the CEOs of our business and I soon discovered that being a Successful Entrepreneur meant much more than titles and money.

There are many lessons to learn along the journey of our lives, however, I started to think about those internal questions like: “What is my purpose while I am here on earth?  Who am I really?  Am I more than my human body?”  I started to explore questions like this and found other questions like: “Am I a human being having a spiritual experience or am I a spiritual being having a human experience?”  As I searched, I discovered natural laws like the Law Of Attraction and movies like the Secret.  I learned that Quantum Physics was a science that proved that our physical form was just an illusion, and that everything was made up of energy.   If everything is just vibrations of energy, then the law of attraction is simple to understand.  So if we are just vibrations of energy and we can attract anything we want into our lives, why don’t we do that? 😕 (more…)

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Why Your Right Brain Is Crucial To Your Future


I remember being in a hotel room flipping through the channels and I saw a program which intrigued me. It was called “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink and I decided to pay a minimal fee to watch it.  I was literally glued to the television set and I watched it more than once!  It was about moving from the Information Age which valued logical, precise left-brained thinking, to the Conceptual Age which values empathy, emotion and artistry.  Daniel said that right-brainers will rule the future.  This was back in 2005, and we had been in the home based business industry at that time for 10 years, however, even we could feel that things were changing, and changing rapidly.

I was intrigued by Daniel’s different perspective and admired his shift from being an educated lawyer, to a best selling author who has incredible vision and foresight.   He explained that we have valued the left brain in the past and now things have shifted.  Any logical task can now be done by computers or outsourcing, however, the conceptual creative thinking which can only be accomplished by the right-brainers, will now rule the world!  You can see this happening today as outsourcing has become so commonplace, and one computer today can do what it used to take a factory of workers to do.

In 2008, Daniel Pink was the Minneapolis College of Art & Design’s (MCAD) commencement speaker and in his speech, he emphasizes to the graduating class that there are 3 very important secrets they should know about the “real” world.  First, there is no plan, he said.  Life is not like an algebra problem.  Make your decisions for fundamental reasons which will lead to intrinsic motivation.  That means you make decisions because you want to do it, because it’s inherently valuable, and because it’s “who you are”. Daniel insisted that they don’t make decisions on extrinsic motivation, like taking a job just because it pays well, or because it might lead to the next position.

His second secret was that Persistence always trumps Talent.  In other words, if you keep on persisting with something you are passionate about and you were meant to do it, then keep on doing it until… that sounds familiar doesn’t it? 😛   Daniel says there are many talented people out there who are not successful because they didn’t persist and put the time and effort into something.

His last secret was (more…)

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