Linchpin – Are You Indispensable?

Linchpin-150x150The Rules In The Game Of Life Have Changed

Have you noticed all the “rules” in the game called life have changed?  What happened to “go to school, get a job, work for 40 years, retire, and enjoy life”?  This was the plan I thought I was going to follow, and I thought it was safe and secure.  I know many people today are wondering what is going on and what do they do.

Tribes and Linchpin by Seth Godin

I recently have been studying Seth Godin, he is the author of “Tribes” and I was going to write about this book, however while researching, I found out that he just released a new book called “Linchpin – Are You Indispensable?”.  As I read more about this book, I realized he was talking about everything I believe about what is going on today, and all of the vast changes happening.  Seth says “For hundreds of years, the population has been seduced, scammed, and brainwashed into fitting in, following instructions, and exchanging a day’s work for a day’s pay. That era has come to an end and just in time.”  He says that in the industrial age, people who went to public schools were educated to be factory workers.  They wanted people who were going to fit in and follow instructions.  Hmm…now doesn’t that make sense. 🙄  He says that we were trained to follow instructions and it dampened our genius!  Wow, that’s how I have felt my whole life, like I was meant to do more or be more than just in a job! 😯

Fitting In Dampened Our Genius

We followed the plan, went to school, worked hard at a job where we always had a boss.  Then in 1995, I knew I had to make a change. 🙁   I wanted to spend time with my 8 year old son and I wanted to be a good wife, and I wanted to go on vacation, but I needed to bring home a FT income.  We feel so blessed today because I started our home based business very PT and very quickly made a FT income.  What I was taught by my entrepreneurial mentors was exactly what Seth Godin is saying in his Linchpin book today.  They were teaching me that in 1995!

Do You Hear Your “Little Voice”?

Seth says “Everyone has a little voice inside of their head that’s angry and afraid. That voice is the resistance and wants you to be average (and safe).” Well today being an employee is certainly not playing it safe.  He also goes on to say that we are all geniuses and we all have exceptional abilities.  I really believe that with all my heart. Unfortunately, we were all brainwashed to conform instead of develop our specific gift.  Seth says in today’s new environment there is so much opportunity because everyone can play and everyone can become indispensable in their “art”.  

Everyone Can Play And Become A Linchpin

We believe these changes happening today are really for the better, because it will “awaken” us to do things that “make our heart sing“.  We can see it on the internet each day.  Everyone is contributing and helping each other.  Everyone is finding their “niche” and will start to develop skills which have been “sleeping” in them.  If you told me 1 year ago, that we would be writing articles on our own website, we would never have believed you.  And yet here we are writing articles on our own website and enjoying it because you, our readers, are benefiting and finding value in our posts.  It’s an incredible feeling…truly giving and contributing with no attachments.

Please watch this very informative video by Seth Godin as he truly explains what is happening and what you can do to become indispensable:

I remember hearing a quote when I first started my home based business and it said “there are those who Make it Happen, those who Watch It Happen, & those who say “What Happened?”  You now know what happened, the choices are all yours now.  It’s called Freedom!

As you trust yourself and start doing the things that you love and have great passion for, you will find that you will be so happy and fulfilled in life.  You will truly find your purpose and mission in life, and then life is an incredibly exciting journey.  You no longer have to wonder what you are doing today, you will know, and you will be excited to start “working” everyday, because it will also be what you’ve always wanted to do in your “spare” time.  And pretty soon, you will be surprised because everything you wanted in life is all coming true.

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Our Deepest Fear – Marianne Williamson


storm-cloud-150x150What Is Your Deepest Fear?

When I first started my home based business, I would have said my deepest fear is “failure”, or “rejection”. I remember being so scared to pick up the phone to call someone.  Then when the phone rang, I would hope no one would answer.  I was shaking! 😯  When they did answer, I read my script with a shaky voice and I sounded like I was reading… because I Was!! 😕   Talk about fear! 😯   I kept on doing it, over and over and over, and guess what?  I got better at it each time.  What I didn’t realize then, is that “you make up in numbers what you lack in skill“, as my friend and mentor Jim Rohn used to say.  As I got more skilled, my confidence went up and then I wasn’t scared of the phone anymore, in fact, I was excited to get on the phone each day.

Facing Your Fears

So what is our deepest fear then?  As you walk down the entrepreneurial road, you have no choice but to face your fears one step at a time.  You soon realize that the thing you feared last month, doesn’t cause you fear today, and the thing you feared two months ago, you are really enjoying!  Hmmm, so what is our deepest fear?  As Marianne Williamson says in her famous poem titled “Our Deepest Fear”, we soon discover that our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure and we will be very successful!

Me?  Afraid of Success?

When I first heard this speech, I remember thinking “I don’t think so”, why would I be scared of success? 🙄   However, (more…)
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My Private And Very Personal Addiction To Food

kel_before1-221x300I feel very compelled today to reveal something which is very private and personal, however, it is such a huge part of my journey that I can no longer keep it hidden.  I have been getting many “intuitive” messages that are telling me to share it with my “ohana” (family) here.  So, here goes…(disclaimer: everything stated here is only from my perspective which was probably very distorted.  I am not making any claims, I am only speaking my truth as it is for me).


Every since I was 8 years old, I have been trying to lose weight.  I was teased at school each day “fatso, fatso”.  It hurt like crazy! 😥   When we would be in PE at school, we would all line up, and the captains of each team would verbally fight with each other because no one wanted me on their team.  I was too slow, and too fat.  So, I started to watch what I ate, and I tried to cut calories.  I began an obsessive study of food, fat, and calories!  I can tell you exactly how much fat and calories are in everything!  I read all the books and the magazines.  I bought every diet pill and miracle cure.  I tried every grapefruit diet, protein, mushrooms, yogurt, rice cakes, bars, you name it, I tried it!!   Then I started to exercise, because if you exercise you burn calories!  When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to be thin for the pictures, so I started to starve myself.  I lost so much weight that my period stopped and the doctor had to give me medication to start it again.

Then when I was a freshman in college, I ballooned to almost 200lbs.  I had gained about 80 lbs in 6 months! 😯   During the 60’s & 70’s (yes I’m that old), no one understood anorexia and bulimia.  It didn’t make sense to people that someone could be addicted to food, just like cocaine or alcohol.  It wasn’t until 1983, when Karen Carpenter, one of the greatest musicians of The Carpenters, died of Anorexia, then the world and myself finally understood how serious food addiction was.  As soon as I heard her story, I knew That Was Me!  😥


By this time, Glen & I were already set to get married, and even after that, we both worked so much that even he didn’t realize the extent of my addiction.  I was “in the closet”.  For years, I obsessed about food, and damaged my health by extreme diets, exercise and taking almost any kind of “miracle drug” to lose weight.  So why am I telling you all of this? Because I know that by me being truthful about my challenges with food, I may help even one person because they will know that “I Understand”.  I understand what it’s like to think about food every second of everyday, to always look forward to the next meal, planning calorie by calorie.  To starve yourself so long that one day you just can’t control it anymore, and you binge eat by yourself because you know something’s wrong as you eat massive servings of food without any control.  Then you wake up the next morning and your stomach muscles ache (like you did 100 sit-ups the night before), and all you did was binge eat and stretch your stomach muscles so much that they hurt to breathe.  Now for those of you who have never had this problem, I could say more, however, I think you get the idea that this is very warped thinking as the physical body is so “out of wack”, that your mind is delusional.  (more…)

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How A Legitimate Home Business Can Become Your Legacy…


Father_daughter-crop-150x112What Is Your Personal Legacy?

Have you ever thought about what your personal legacy will be?  How about when you and your significant other are in your 90s, what will you look back on and say about what you contributed in your lifetime?  Have you ever thought about what people will say about you in your eulogy?  These are usually questions which we don’t think about, at least I didn’t until I joined my home based business.

In the beginning of my personal development plan, I remember reading books like Brian Tracy’sMaximum Achievement“, which put me through exercises I had never even thought about before.  Questions like the ones I just mentioned and others like “if you had 6 months to live, what would you do tomorrow?”.  If your answer was not the same as what you currently do, then he said you were doing the wrong thing, because how do you know you don’t have just 6 months?  Wow! 🙄

What Is My Mission In Life?

When I was young, I thought I was going to live forever and that time moved so slow, however, as the years go by, I started to realize the clock is ticking everyday.  I started to ask myself, “why am I here?  what is my mission while I’m here on this planet?”  Something inside of me thought, I know there’s a reason.  It can’t be that my life is about going to a job everyday and just barely getting by!  Oh, and the yearning to spend more time with my son and my family!  And when will there ever be enough time and money to really enjoy life! 😥   If you feel like this, then you’re getting close to the point where “you’ve had it, and you’re not going to take it any more”.  That’s when I decided to find a home business, and I was fortunate to find one very quickly.

I soon realized that I had found my mission in life and I was willing to learn new skills because I was truly helping other people.  I felt good about what I was doing everyday and the people I was helping were really feeling great.  The funny thing was, I was working very hard because I was still working at my job, 14 hrs/day, but during those early mornings working PT on my home business, I was happier and more excited than I had ever been!  That’s how you know you’re doing the right thing. 🙂  Four months later, I turned in my resignation and I left the corporate world in 1995!  Once I left my job, I could answer the question… if I had 6 months left to live, I would do what I am currently doing tomorrow!  Everyday, I do what I love and I love what I do, so I would not change it!  I also realized that if I put my heart and soul into my home business and followed very successful people, I could leave a legacy that would last long after my physical body did.  I looked around and I found many successful people who already had left a legacy with a home based business.  I decided I would do the same by following everything they did!

I found this beautiful video called “The Dash” by a company named Simple Truths.  It really makes you think about your life and what you are doing everyday to make each day count.  Let’s enjoy it together…

I hope you will start to live each day as if it were your last, because one day it will be, and then you won’t have any regrets.  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. May we ask you to click the “f share” button at the top of the article to share on Facebook or “retweet” this on Twitter?

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Sending you a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!


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Are You Willing To Become A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Spiritual Network Marketing

Leaving The Shore

When I first started my home based business, I was looking for a way to make some extra income and I thought maybe I could learn how to make a full-time income so I could stay at home with my 8 year old son.  That was it!  That was my entire reason why I began looking for a home business in 1995.  What I didn’t realize was that I hadleft the shore (my employee life), never to return, and I would begin “the most incredible journey of my life(my entrepreneurial life)!  I was now sailing in a huge ocean with a “ship” I barely knew how to sail.  And I was now the captain of my life.  I could choose to go anywhere, anytime, and if I learned how to “set my sail“, I could travel to lands I used to only dream of as a child.

Learning To Set My Sail

So what does that all mean?  Well, I started learning skills which I never got taught in school.  I started learning foundational principles which all successful people followed, but I never heard of them before.  Once I joined my home based network marketing business, I had people around me who thought I could become “More Than I Thought I Was” and they all told me so!  They all were strangers to me and yet they all supported and believed in me!  It was quite “overwhelming”, however, I knew it “Felt Good”!! 😮  Then I started to hear things from World Renown Philosopher Jim Rohn who said “Don’t Wish It Was Easier, Wish You Were Better“, “If You Want To Have More, You Have To Become More“.  Wow, so I began a personal growth plan and I have been working on getting a little bit better everyday of my life!

Spiritual Entrepreneurship

As I studied every book, every audio, every video I could find, I started to see similarities in all of the teachings.  And then I started to see similarities with spiritual teachings too.  Very old teachings in different countries dating back centuries began to “sing” the same message to me.  I also started to see the similarities being proven by science!  Could one of the keys to home business success really be to become a spiritual entrepreneur?

Celestine Prophecy

Fortunately, I read a book called “Celestine Prophecy” back in the 90s and in 2006, James Redfield created “The Celestine Prophecy Movie”.  Once I saw the movie, it really helped me put all the pieces of the huge puzzle in my mind together.  Thank you James Redfield for your wonderful book and movie!  So here’s the Celestine Prophecy trailer which will introduce the movie to you, and then please watch the next video which goes through the Celestine Prophecy Insights.  These insights blew me away because you can see all of these insights coming true today, however, the book was written in the 80s or early 90s!  Enjoy…

Doesn’t that give you “goosebumps”? 😯   By the way, if you want to know the difference between the employee life (the shore) and the entrepreneurial life (the beautiful ocean), sign up for my free Entrepreneurial Training below and I’ll tell you why they are so different and the beliefs you must change to become a successful entrepreneur.

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