Social Media = Like-Minded Relationships

Social MediaDo You Have Social Media Friendships?  

 We all have developed those relationships right?  Are you surprised about how close and connected you feel with people around the world who you have never met in person? 😯

I Was Surprised!   (more…)

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Are You Feeling Lost or Out Of Control? … Steps To Move Forward

Feeling lost in businessDo You Feel Like This Woman?

Are all of the fast-moving changes of today causing you to be stressed out?  Do you feel somewhat out of control?   😡

You’re Not Alone (more…)

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Are You Ready For A Breakthrough? It May Look Like Chaos!

BreakthroughDo You Have Some Chaos In Your Life?

That can be a very good sign!  Really!   😆  Have you ever heard of anyone who has gone through a massive transformation in their life without having some chaos first?   😀

Chaos And Dark Times Can Be Catalysts (more…)

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Surrender, Synchronicity and Success

Did You Know Surrendering Can Lead To Success?

Do you know what “surrendering” really means?  I didn’t.  I thought it was all about working hard and following my plan.   🙄  It is, in the beginning, however, there comes a time, if you surrender, success appears much faster! (more…)

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How To Focus To Have A Productive Day

How To Focus On Your GoalsWould You Like Faster Results?

One of the key principles I learned over the years has been to FOCUS.  Focus on what I really wanted.   😎

What Do You Really Want?

One of the first things I had to decide was “what did I really want?”, and it wasn’t what I thought I could have, it was “what did I really want deep down inside“.  If I couldn’t lose, what would I really go for?  🙄  It’s funny, cause when I really dug deep into my heart, I knew what I really wanted.  I was just too scared to “go for it”.  😯  Once I realized what my “Deepest Fear” was, I was then able to commit to focusing on my goal.

F.O.C.U.S. (more…)

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