No More Heart Disease – Dr. Louis Ignarro

ignarro_nobel-150x107Dr. Louis Ignarro – No More Heart Disease

One of my friends, Kara Grabenhorst, recently posted an article on her Facebook page titled “Doctor exhorts women to take charge of heart health”.  She also stated that heart disease is the #1 killer of woman.  Wow, that’s alarming and yet I shouldn’t be surprised.

After reading her post, I was inspired to write about Dr. Louis Ignarro (click to go to his website), who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of Nitric Oxide (NO).  Since his discovery, he has been spreading the good news about heart disease.  He says “you can reduce the risk or prevent heart disease through my NO-boosting regimen“.

Here’s an article written by Dr. Louis Ignarro titled

“What Nitric Oxide Can Do For Your Health”:

It’s like a trip to the gym for your cardiovascular system
With heart health a leading concern among both men and women in America, you need every advantage you can get in protecting yourself. The discovery of an amazing molecule, nitric oxide (NO), can help provide you with just this sort of protection.

NO improves circulation by helping blood vessels signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax–which widens the arteries, increases blood flow and helps maintain normal blood pressure. NO keeps your system youthful, toned, and flexible. In fact, optimizing NO production is like giving your cardiovascular system a workout every day! In addition to its numerous heart-health benefits, NO also promotes immune-system health and acts as a neurotransmitter.

Say yes to NO
Unfortunately, a large percentage of people are deficient in their production of NO, which puts them at increased risk of CVD. But using amino acids like L-arginine and L-citrulline, as well as antioxidants, you can actually increase your body’s own production of NO.

Quick tips from the doctor:
Eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat to reduce the risk of plaque build-up in arteries.
Daily exercise improves the elasticity of your blood vessels.
Get a full night’s sleep to rest and revitalize.
Here’s a video with Dr. Louis Ignarro explaining NO:

Proper Nutrition And Nitric Oxide

I personally have taken Dr. Louis Ignarro‘s advice and use NO on a daily basis.  I also make sure my body gets the proper nutrition each and every day.  My health has been incredible ever since!

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The Law Of Attraction & Quantum Physics

Shinny-brain-150x150When the movie “The Secret” came out, it was a huge hit and everyone was talking about it, even Oprah.  It was about the Law Of Attraction, which states that our thoughts create what we attract into our lives each and everyday.  It also states that we can create the lives we want to create once we master our thoughts.  Hmmm… sounds good, however, my next question was how do I master my thoughts?

The Things In My Life Changed

One of the most important things I learned as I was building my home based network marketing business was personal growth. Personal growth or personal development taught me how to master my thoughts.   I discovered, as Wayne Dyer says “when I changed the way I looked at things, the things I looked at changed”.  I was taught how to “see” things or circumstances in another way, look at things from another perspective.  When the law of attraction was introduced in the movie, “The Secret“, it became much easier to see and visualize what I wanted in my life.  I am so grateful to everyone involved in making the movie,”The Secret“.  I found out that all successful people do this on a daily basis.  They use pictures, signs, vision boards, and anything else that will create the picture of what they really want in their mind.  Their thoughts soon become their reality.  Over the years, I can tell you this really works.  Yes, it takes effort because your mind has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day and most of them are in your subconscious.  In other words, you are not aware of them and them run automatically!  It’s no wonder most of my life, I got the same things over and over! 🙁

The Real Secret

So once I discovered this “secret”, I put up posters, signs, pictures, calendars, everything I could find to program my subconscious with the visions of my true desires and dreams.  It was then that I understood what Jim Rohn says.. work harder on yourself than you do at your job.  It takes a lot of effort to monitor your thoughts and then change them to thoughts of the life and things you desire.  Day by day, I started to see the “miracles” happen in my life.  I was so happy and grateful for each day that I truly could say “I did my best and I got a little bit better today than yesterday.”  It really is “The Secret”!

Quantum Physics Proves The Secret

One other thing I did study many years ago was quantum physics.  My formal education in school was very “analytical”, so I had to prove the science to my logical left brain, before I could really accept all of the universal laws.  Once again, a movie called “What The Bleep Do We Know?” assisted me in my learning.  (Thank you to all involved in creating this movie too!)  They explained how quantum physics proves that there are always infinite possibilities for everything and we, the observer, decide on which possibility becomes our reality.  Therefore, we are creating our reality moment by moment by what we think or believe will be there.  The “waves” of possibility becomes an experience in our reality because we expect it to be a certain way (the solid atom).  Okay, I know, too much science… 🙄 so how about I just show you a clip from the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?“, and I think you will understand how quantum physics has really proven that the law of attraction is proven by science.

Once I accepted the law of attraction, along with the rest of the laws of the universe, and I decided to “abide” by these laws instead of the ones I had believed most of my life, everything became fun, simple & magical!   😆


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Working Smarter, Not Harder – Be A Home Business Owner

Working-Smarter-with-network-marketing-business-110x147Working Hard At The Job

In 1995, I was working 14 hrs/day in the corporate world and though I enjoyed my job, I missed being with my son and in my heart, I knew I was doing something wrong.  I wanted to be a mother and yet I knew I had to bring home income for my family.  In Hawaii, one income is not enough to have a descent life.  I felt like I had done everything right and yet inside of me, I knew I was not doing the right thing for my son and for me. 😥


I remember reading this book titled “you2” by Price Pritchett.  It was a book about Quantum Leaps and in the front of the book was a story which I will never forget.  I would like to share that story with you…

I’m sitting in a quiet room at the Millcroft Inn, a peaceful little place hidden back among the pine trees about an hour out of Toronto.  It’s just past noon, late July, and I’m listening to the desperate sounds of a life-or-death struggle going on a few feet away.

There’s a small fly burning out the last of its short life’s energies in a futile attempt to fly through the glass of the windowpane.The whining wings tell the poignant story of the fly’s strategy—try harder.

But it’s not working.

The frenzied effort offers no hope for survival.  Ironically, the struggle is part of the trap.  It is impossible for the fly to try hard enough to succeed at breaking through the glass.  Nevertheless, this little insect has staked its life on reaching its goal through raw effort and determination.

This fly is doomed.  It will die there on the window sill.

Across the room, ten steps away, the door is open.  Ten seconds of flying time and this small creature could reach the outside world it seeks.  With only a fraction of the effort now being wasted, it could be free of this self-imposed trap.  The breakthrough possibility is there.  It would be so easy.

Why doesn’t the fly try another approach, something dramatically different? How did it get so locked in on the idea that this particular route, and determined effort, offer the most promise for success?  What logic is there in continuing, until death, to seek a breakthrough with “more of the same”?

No doubt this approach makes sense to the fly.  Regrettably, it’s an idea that will kill.

“Trying harder” isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more. It may not offer any real promise for getting what you want out of life.  Sometimes, in fact, it’s a big part of the problem.

If you stake your hopes for a breakthrough on trying harder than ever, you may kill your chances for success.

—Price Pritchett

I was like the fly.  I was working harder and harder and I continued to let the years go by without spending time with my son.  Why don’t we try another approach to life, something dramatically different?  Fortunately for me, in 1995, I decided to take a step back and look for another approach.  That’s when I found the home based network marketing business industry.  It was a whole new approach which set me free from my self-imposed trap! 😀

Here’s what I found:

Being a home based business owner will set you free and give you the education to become valuable to the marketplace.  If you would like to receive the rest of the lessons that I learned, sign up for our video series below, and you’ll receive the remaining sessions from me.

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Learning Web 3.0 For Your Home Based Business

Home Based Network Marketing Industry Changing Forever

When I was first told by one of my mentors and good friend, Ellie Drake, that the Internet was changing and that the home based network marketing business industry would be changing forever, I was not ready for the change.  I tried to study and absorb however, nothing was going into my brain and I was quite overwhelmed! 😯   This was in 2007 and I was not ready to learn this whole new language on the web.  Today, it’s obvious that the world is changing and the web is growing at an exponential rate, far beyond any one’s imagination!

I can see today that these technological changes have advanced communication and will change the way we all interact forever.  Once I was ready to learn this new “foreign” language, I began to get fascinated at how much growth the social networks were achieving.  I realized that if I decided to learn this new language from step 1, I would get to step 2, then 3, then 4, etc.  Confucius said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“.

A New Language And New Skills

It was a new way of communicating just like the Internet when it was first introduced in the late 90s.  I struggled with that too, as I had learned most of my network marketing skills by talking, or using the telephone.  Gosh, I’m aging myself huh? 😆  Yes, we built most of our business before Web 1.0!  There was no Internet in 1995. 😉  We are still learning, however, each day we are learning so many new and innovative ways to communicate with people around the world.  When you own a home based business, you communicate with many people.  In fact, the more people you communicate with, the faster your home business thrives.  So, learning this “new” language is essential (in my humble opinion) to a home based business owner.

Believe me, I know how you feel, I felt the same way, until I discovered so many resources to learn from and they are all free today!  You can watch videos, read blogs, listen to podcasts, tune in to webinars, conference calls, etc. to learn Web 2.0 and 3.0 for your home based business.  Thank you to all the contributors who so freely share their knowledge and wisdom with everyone! 🙂

I have posted a few simple videos from commoncraft (thank you commoncraft) which will give you your Step 1:

1) What is the World Wide Web (www)?

2) Why is Social Networking so powerful?

3) What are Blogs & why is everyone writing one?

4) What’s an RSS and what’s that orange button on the blogs?

5) Why is Social Media so powerful in communicating with so many people around the world?

Pretty simple huh?  I love these videos because anyone can understand them!

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You Change Your Life Today By Changing Your Inner Game

Everybody in life gets their “musts”, not their “shoulds” according to Anthony Robbins.  We all have our “I should do this and I should do that” list, however, Tony Robbins says we don’t do the things we should, we do the things we must.  We all have a definition of who we think we are and we will do anything to keep that belief because these are our musts.  Our standards and beliefs about ourselves are our “glass ceilings” of limitation.  The question is when did we define ourselves that way and can we change our beliefs about ourselves.

When I first started our home based business, I had many limiting beliefs about myself.  My mentors taught me that I could change my life today by changing my inner game.  Jim Rohn taught me “Work harder on yourself than you do at your job”.  How did I do that?  I raised my standards for myself by believing my mentors who said “Kellie, you’re more than you think you are”!  Wow, that was so cool! Then I became very teachable and decided to be the best student.  I changed by daily rituals and did the disciplines required of a home business owner, I became an entrepreneur.  These were very different rituals from the ones I had followed as an employee who wanted to climb the corporate ladder.  It wasn’t easy, and I was very uncomfortable, however, it became a “must” for me because I wanted more time with my son and my family.  I wanted freedom!

Tony Robbins says “Success and failure are not giant events.  They don’t just show up.”  It’s all the little things you do each day.  He says “People Are Rewarded In Public For What They’ve Practiced For Years In Private”.  This is so very true!

Tony also emphasized the one thing I personally feel is the most important influences in your life…he said “Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become”.

Jim Rohn said “There are 2 pains in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.  The pain of discipline weighs ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons.”

Tony said to write down 4 things:

1) Decide what you want to change,

2) What rituals got you where you are today,

3) What do you really want now,

4) What rituals will get you to what you really want.

Here’s the recent video by Tony Robbins with very valuable lessons:

New Year, New Life-Don’t be trapped by the calendar. Create the life you want right now. Here’s where to start.

Sending you all a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!

Kellie Hosaka :-)

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