Different Types Of Income According To Robert Kiyosaki

Robert KiyosakiAre You Earning 3 Types Of Income?

I didn’t even know I could earn different types of income! 🙄  until I joined the home based business industry.

Financial Education Is Crucial (more…)

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How To Focus To Have A Productive Day

How To Focus On Your GoalsWould You Like Faster Results?

One of the key principles I learned over the years has been to FOCUS.  Focus on what I really wanted.   😎

What Do You Really Want?

One of the first things I had to decide was “what did I really want?”, and it wasn’t what I thought I could have, it was “what did I really want deep down inside“.  If I couldn’t lose, what would I really go for?  🙄  It’s funny, cause when I really dug deep into my heart, I knew what I really wanted.  I was just too scared to “go for it”.  😯  Once I realized what my “Deepest Fear” was, I was then able to commit to focusing on my goal.

F.O.C.U.S. (more…)

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Are You Comfortable Being Uncomfortable?

Highly Successful PeopleDid You Know Successful People Are Uncomfortable Most Of The Time?

I didn’t know this was a key characteristic of highly successful people.  Why would we want to be uncomfortable?   🙄

Why Are Roller Coaster Rides Popular? (more…)

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Where Will You Be In 1 Year?

New Years ResolutionsHow Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

It’s late January, 2012, and if you are like most people, you haven’t really changed too much from your daily habits of 2011.  10 years ago, it wouldn’t matter too much, however, this year will be very different (in my opinion).  😕

Everything Around Us Is Changing

Ask yourself these questions: (more…)

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The End Of The Industrial Age, Are You Prepared?

Seth Godin forever recessionSeth Godin’s Predictions For 2012

According to Seth Godin in an interview on “The Hour”, we are at the end of the Industrial Age, and most people are totally unprepared for the changes which will take place in 2012!  😯

Security and “Doing What You Are Told” Is Over


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