Every Winner Was Once A Beginner

Winner was once a beginner

by Trend Enterprises Inc

Do You Believe Winners Are Born or Made?    

I used to wonder whether “Winners and Leaders” were born or made.   🙄  I never thought of myself as either a winner or a leader.  I was more of a follower and a person who always stayed on the side or in the corner.

I Started To Study Winners (more…)

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Surrender, Synchronicity and Success

Did You Know Surrendering Can Lead To Success?

Do you know what “surrendering” really means?  I didn’t.  I thought it was all about working hard and following my plan.   🙄  It is, in the beginning, however, there comes a time, if you surrender, success appears much faster! (more…)

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Get A Jump Start To Success In 2012

Success in 2012Would You Like A Jump Start To Your Success?


There is a little known secret to accelerate your success in the coming year.  I never knew this until I started to study with very successful people.  🙄

Would You Like 2012 To Be Very Successful?


One of the secrets is (more…)

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Oprah’s Lifeclass Recommendation

Oprah WinfreyAre You Taking Oprah’s Lifeclass?

If you are, I know you are enjoying it and learning a lot of life’s lessons.  And if not, I am writing this today because I feel it is so valuable for everyone who truly wants to become a better person


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Why I Became An Entrepreneur – To Be A Better Mom

Ever Wonder How People Become Entrepreneurs?

I did!  Ever since I was young, I always wondered why some people could spend time with their children, travel the world, and have the freedom to do “what they wanted, when they wanted”.   🙄

Go To School, Get A Good Job  (more…)

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