The End Of The Industrial Age, Are You Prepared?

Seth Godin forever recessionSeth Godin’s Predictions For 2012

According to Seth Godin in an interview on “The Hour”, we are at the end of the Industrial Age, and most people are totally unprepared for the changes which will take place in 2012!  😯

Security and “Doing What You Are Told” Is Over


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Every Winner Was Once A Beginner

Winner was once a beginner

by Trend Enterprises Inc

Do You Believe Winners Are Born or Made?    

I used to wonder whether “Winners and Leaders” were born or made.   🙄  I never thought of myself as either a winner or a leader.  I was more of a follower and a person who always stayed on the side or in the corner.

I Started To Study Winners (more…)

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Get A Jump Start To Success In 2012

Success in 2012Would You Like A Jump Start To Your Success?


There is a little known secret to accelerate your success in the coming year.  I never knew this until I started to study with very successful people.  🙄

Would You Like 2012 To Be Very Successful?


One of the secrets is (more…)

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Oprah’s Lifeclass Recommendation

Oprah WinfreyAre You Taking Oprah’s Lifeclass?

If you are, I know you are enjoying it and learning a lot of life’s lessons.  And if not, I am writing this today because I feel it is so valuable for everyone who truly wants to become a better person


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Why I Became An Entrepreneur – To Be A Better Mom

Ever Wonder How People Become Entrepreneurs?

I did!  Ever since I was young, I always wondered why some people could spend time with their children, travel the world, and have the freedom to do “what they wanted, when they wanted”.   🙄

Go To School, Get A Good Job  (more…)

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