Why Einstein Said “Reality Is An Illusion” and How It Affects Your Business

Einstein and quantum physics“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”

Did you ever wonder why Albert Einstein said this?  I didn’t understand it until I started to study Quantum Physics.  Then this statement interested me because if reality is an illusion, then what is real?  🙄

What Is Quantum Physics? (more…)

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Ellie Drake – Be Bold On The Outside Yet Humble On The Inside

Kellie HosakaBe Bold Yet Humble

A few years ago I was taught a concept “Be Bold on the Outside yet Humble on the Inside” by my friend and mentor Ellie Drake.  Ellie Drake is president and CEO of BraveHeart Productions, and she has a social networking site for woman with a purpose, called Braveheart Women.

She Walked Her Talk (more…)

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“We Get Paid For Bringing Value To The Marketplace” – Jim Rohn

Kel_jimRohn-150x150We Get Paid For Bringing Value To The Marketplace

I heard Jim Rohn say this statement so many times, however, it took me years before I really understood what he meant by it.

Why Do We Get Paid (more…)

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Feeling Overwhelmed Is The First Step To Moving Forward

Fear for entrepreneurAre You Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you are, you are not alone and the good news is, it’s a sign that you are ready to move forward.  Really!  😆

How Can Overwhelm Be Good? (more…)

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What Is Real Money And Why Having Financial Education Is An Unfair Advantage

Real MoneyWhat Is Real Money?

If you read our last post, you now know what is causing inflation.  Click on “Inflation” to go our previous post. What is real money?  Well, it definitely is not the paper bills we refer to as money.  We found out that those paper bills are just currencies which represent a note or a debt.  Let’s look back at history… (more…)

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