Attracting Abundance By Having Fun Everyday

Having FunAre You Feeling A Yearning For Something More?

Today, many people are searching for their purpose in life and looking for something they can be passionate about.

Purpose In Life?

In 1995, I had no clue what my purpose in life was!  I didn’t even think about why I was here.  I was working in the corporate world, going to my job day in and day out.  And it was good, I was happy, Until …one day I realized I missed 8 years of my son’s life! 😥   Have you ever felt like that? (more…)

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The World Is Changing Fast, Ready To Become An Entrepreneur?

Becoming an EntrepreneurDo You Feel Like Business Is Changing?

Actually, do you feel like everything around you is changing?  I do and it’s changing at exponential rates today!  😯

Are You Changing With The World? (more…)

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Why Einstein Said “Reality Is An Illusion” and How It Affects Your Business

Einstein and quantum physics“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”

Did you ever wonder why Albert Einstein said this?  I didn’t understand it until I started to study Quantum Physics.  Then this statement interested me because if reality is an illusion, then what is real?  🙄

What Is Quantum Physics? (more…)

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Ellie Drake – Be Bold On The Outside Yet Humble On The Inside

Kellie HosakaBe Bold Yet Humble

A few years ago I was taught a concept “Be Bold on the Outside yet Humble on the Inside” by my friend and mentor Ellie Drake.  Ellie Drake is president and CEO of BraveHeart Productions, and she has a social networking site for woman with a purpose, called Braveheart Women.

She Walked Her Talk (more…)

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“We Get Paid For Bringing Value To The Marketplace” – Jim Rohn

Kel_jimRohn-150x150We Get Paid For Bringing Value To The Marketplace

I heard Jim Rohn say this statement so many times, however, it took me years before I really understood what he meant by it.

Why Do We Get Paid (more…)

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