Inflation – Why Robert Kiyosaki Says Don’t Save Money

Robert Kiyosaki

Why Are Prices Rising?

Are prices really going up or is the value of our currency going down? Do you know why experts are saying it is very likely that the US will experience inflation and possibly hyperinflation?

The Rules of Money Changed (more…)

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Do You Believe In Cooperation Or Competition?

TeamworkCooperation or Competition?

Which feels better?  Cooperating with someone or being in competition with them?  Pretty simple answer right?  If cooperation feels so much better than competition, why do we compete? 🙄

Social Conditioning (more…)

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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

What If Everything Was The Opposite Of What You Thought?

Look at the video below.  Is the lady moving her foot to the right or to the left?  Look closely, what do you see?


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Deepen Your Relationships By Understanding Love Languages

Deepening RelationshipsDo You Know There Are Different Love Languages?

I didn’t know there were different ways people wanted to receive love.  I thought if I gave them a lot of love, they would receive it.  I didn’t realize I was speaking in the wrong love language, so they didn’t feel like I was giving them love!  Wow!   😯

I Thought I Was Not “Lovable” (more…)

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How To Make Personal Growth Part Of Your Daily Routine

Personal development routineNo Time For Personal Development?

I used to feel like I had so much to do, therefore, I didn’t have time to fit in personal development too! 🙄  Do you ever feel this way?

Successful People Find Time For Personal Growth (more…)

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