What Is Personal Development or Personal Growth?


Kel_jimRohn-150x150Never Thought I’d Be An Entrepreneur

When I started my own home based network marketing business, I did not know anything about being an entrepreneur.  I was taught to have a job and “climb the corporate ladder”.  One of the things which was always emphasized to me by my mentors was “Kellie, you have to start a Personal Development growth plan“.  I had no idea what that meant. 🙄   I didn’t like reading books, so I definitely never read a “self help” book or if I did, I didn’t know what it was.

Jim Rohn, One Of  Our Great Mentors

One of my mentors in my business was Jim Rohn, World Renown International Philosopher, and he said “For Things To Change, I Had To Change.  For Things To Get Better, I Had To Get Better”. I had never heard things like that and I really didn’t understand what that meant at first.  As I read Jim’s books, & listened to his tapes, CDs and seminars, he introduced concepts to me which really started to make me think.

Jim said “Success Is Something You Attract By The Person You Become”.  WOW! That sounded incredible, now how do I become? 😯   Then he said “Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do At Your Job”.  Another foundational principle which was so different from what I had been doing all my life.  I was always working hard at the job, and not working on myself at all!!  Suddenly, I understood why my life was not what I wanted because I was working 14 hrs/day at the JOB (Just Over Broke)!!

Here’s a video featuring Jim Rohn and his introduction to Personal Development:


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7 Comments For This Post

  1. Shannon Tecson Says:

    What a great insight to sharing the definition of personal growth and development. Valuable insight…simple.


  2. GigiNJones Says:

    Fabulous article. Once I understood this concept and was willing to implement new philosphies and discliplines, only then did I start to see change happen. I am relatively new to personal growth and recognize how valuable it has been for me. Thanks for providing a great explanation of “why?” personal development.

  3. Daniel Says:


    Great video. Thank you for introducing more of Jim Rohn’s work into my life. He has ideas and perspectives I’ve never heard of or seen. Genius! Makes me look at MY life and how I can grow.

  4. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Mahalo Shannon, Gigi & Daniel for all of your kind comments. Jim Rohn is a genius and he says things in a way that anyone can understand! Such a gift! 🙂

  5. sivoi tofilau Says:

    I miss Jim Rohn.He has a lot infomations touch me make me strong also. Talk about Take more better today then yesterday.Never forget inerview by Jim Rohn on phone.My favorate Philosphies. my dream do come true.

  6. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Sivoi,
    Thank you for your dedication to Mark Hughes & Jim Rohn’s mission. We will be attending Jim Rohn’s Celebration/Tribute tonight.
    Kellie 🙂

  7. Vicki Says:

    This is a real eye opener! I am just beginning a wonderful spiritual journey and this is a critical part of that journey! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information!

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