Why Personal Growth Is Essential To Your Happiness In Life

Personal DevelopmentAre You Looking For Happiness?

Wayne Dyer said “There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the Way“!  Wow, when I first heard him say that on a CD, I thought …happiness is the way to happiness?  🙄  What does that mean?  I didn’t understand what he meant the first time I heard it, but I kept thinking about it over and over and over.  Hmmm…there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!  So if I wanted to be happy, it means I have to be happy to find the way to happiness?  😯  Now I was really confused!!   🙁  Fortunately I kept on studying.

For Things To Change, I Had To Change

Jim Rohn said “For Things To Change, I Had To Change.  For Things To Get Better, I Had To Get Better“.  So, I had to change and I had to be happy now?   🙄  Then Wayne Dyer said “If You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At, Change“!  I was so confused for a while.   😕 I knew there was so much I obviously didn’t know, so I made a decision.

Willing To Learn What I Didn’t Know

I was studying personal growth, however, one day I realized I had come to a point in my home based business when it was time for me to really Grow.  As Jim Rohn said “Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do On Your Job/Business“.

Personal Growth or Personal Development is truly one’s own personal journey.  In studying inspiring teachers like Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer and many others, I started to really internalize those statements I mentioned above. Personal Development became a part of my daily routine, and I found I was “hungry” to learn more and apply it.  One day I realized I really started to “change the way I looked at things” and my family and others around me noticed too.  I then realized I was truly happier!  😀  And I was passionate about what I was doing everyday!  Wow!  😆  I realized that I had totally Changed!

Here’s why personal growth is so important:

Our Thoughts Do Create Our Reality

I soon discovered I was creating my current reality and all I had to do was change the way I looked at it!  You’ve heard of “The Secret” or the Law of Attraction right?  It’s really true!  Therefore, once you add personal growth into your daily routine and apply the new things you are learning, your life will start to change.  One day you will look up and everything around you has changed, and you will be amazed and happy!  😛

In our next blog post, I will show you how to easily add a personal growth plan to your daily life!

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  1. Shannon Tecson Says:

    Thank you Kellie,
    Personal growth has been a constant in my life since joining Herbalife. Thanks to being in Network Marketing, with the guidance and support of mentors, I’ve been on this path for seven years and am truly grateful. Personal growth at the start of my day is like brushing my teeth before having shake. It’s a habit and a great one at that!
    I believe your introduction to keeping a personal development log helped me to internalize success principles and I appreciate you for that.

    Great post! Thank you for sharing!!

    Much love,

  2. Aloha - Lani Kee Says:

    Aloha Kellie, what a happy post to think about and why we should be happy. Well my personal experience with happiness is less resistance and just be open-minded about new good changes. I figure if it’s not working for me then change direction and try another one and keep trying until I start to get some results.

    Plus I never really cared for reading until working online, then I found out it is cool to read. Then I realized I was learning and developing new skills for myself. My mind luv the exercise and increasing my hunger to learn more and I am happier because the knowledge I am discovering is the solution to my questions I’ve been pondering for so long. “I wonder if I could do it,” and I am. Can you feel my smile of happiness? I hope it rubs off on those who I come in contact with. Lovely! Keep it going! Glad I came and thanks always for sharing your deep expressions within. Mahalo, Lani 🙂
    Aloha – Lani KeeÃ�´s last blog post ..Social Media Sites A Virtual Billboard For AdvertisingMy Profile

  3. Debra Agoo Says:

    Thank you Kellie for affirming why I do personal development and why it’s just as essential as the air we breathe. Nutrition is to the body as personal development is to the soul. I am blessed to have had so many teachers to choose from. Because of Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Herbalife founder Mark Hughes, among my favorites, I work on living from my higher self, coming from love and gratitude and attracting abundance and goodness into my life. PD is a lifelong journey and I love the person I am becoming because of it. It truly isn’t more about the destination, but the person you become. Thanks for introducing me to some of my favorite teachers!

  4. Val Wilcox Says:

    I had to chuckle when I started reading this. I went through the same confusion. Some of the things that were being said just didn’t make any sense to me. That’s cause I was hearing it with my old thoughts. Once I began to understand one saying, the rest seemed to fall into place. Lots of AHA moments later, I look back and laugh. 🙂

    Change does come from within. Being open to new ideas & wanting to learn are the first steps. From there, each follows their own path. These paths can intersect or travel side by side, but each person hears the lessons in the way that best serves them.

    Personal development is so important if you have a desire to change things in your life. Once you make that decision, it’s amazing what shows up for you!

    Great article Kellie,
    Val 😉
    Val Wilcox�´s last blog post ..Healing What HurtsMy Profile

  5. Melissa McCloud Says:

    it took me so long from when i first heard the words of jim rohn (and later wayne dyer) before i internalized them. i could make sense of them intellectually, but it took years of reading and attending events and listening to audios to comprehend them on a level where i could apply them to my life. you are the PD queen kelly… we all learn so much from you! 🙂
    Melissa McCloud�´s last blog post ..One Down- Three To GoMy Profile

  6. Donna Merrill Says:

    Excellent post Kellie. It’s been a while since I was on the tribe due to so much “Personal Growth.” My business suddenly went offline to neighborhood businesses as a consultant and also teaching some internet marketing techniques to a local high school. Hmmmm That good old Law of Attraction! Sometimes it takes you to where you never expected to be, but it is all good! I miss you,

  7. Sire Says:

    Hi Kellie, it actually makes a lot of sense and I think it has a lot to do with having a positive outlook on life. If you’re continually unhappy about things you tend to dwell on that missing those moments when you could have been happy because your unhappiness made you blind to those occasions.

    It’s like someone who always focuses on the negative aspects of life missing those opportune times when he could have turned things around.

    Have you ever noticed how there are people who are always smiling and others who always seem to be frowning? They both probably have the same problems in life but only one of them is giving in to those problems. Which one do you think that would be?
    Sire�´s last blog post ..More On LA- Las Vegas &amp Rewarding Your ReadersMy Profile

  8. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    Taking a ‘mind-shower’ ~ I just Love the analogy!

    And I too have noticed that what you look at, changes.
    Especially with classic development books like The Magic of Thinking Big ~ reading them again turns up all sorts of wisdom that I didn’t see the first time.

    Looking forward to next week’s ‘shower’, Ms Kellie!!

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates�´s last blog post ..Keep Going! aka Mountain Climbing is Good For Online Businesses!My Profile

  9. bili Says:

    I learned how to get to happiness is to be happy now. To understand that I am a special entity. And now I have been successful in my nature. Without being dependent on a certain goal that I got, or that I did not get:)
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  10. Rhett Bernheim Says:

    What you said about how “Personal Development became part of my daily routine, and I found I was “hungry” to learn more and apply it” is the right words to describe my own personal journey.

    I agree… it’s changing the way you look at things and how you respond to situations that makes a person vibrate with positive energy.

    Rhett Bernheim
    Yoga Student and Teacher
    Yoga Instructor

    Rhett Bernheim�´s last blog post ..Yoga Teacher Training- Why Study in ThailandMy Profile

  11. Kay Wilson Says:

    Kellie, thank you for sharing and helping me straighten my path. I know I am a totally different person because of Personal Development. Nothing like starting my day with the positive words of Mark, Jim or Darren Hardy in my ears.

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