Are You Willing To Commit To Achieving Your Goals In 2011?

Pig is committed

Are You Committed or Interested in Achieving Your Goals?

When you look at this bacon & egg breakfast, 2011 goal settingone animal was committed while the other was just interested in giving us a delicious breakfast.  The pig was committed and the chicken was just interested.  Which one are you?

Achievement Is Tied To Commitment

Looking back on being an entrepreneur for almost 16 years now, I realize there is a huge difference between being interested and being committed.  When I was totally committed to my goal, I always achieved it, however, when I said I decided on my new goals and I was not 100% committed to it, I always fell short.  It’s like the pig and the chicken.  One gave his life and was totally committed while the other basically participated.

How Do We Achieve Our Goals?

When we are committed we are thinking about our goals all the time and therefore we see, experience and get what we are looking for.  Our brain is designed to look for things which match our vision, therefore, our outer world will always match our inner world.  There are billions of bits of data all around us, and our brains can only take in 2,000 bits of data at once.  We are ignoring 99.9% of the bits of data around us all the time! 😯  We see and recognize in our outer world, the things we are looking for which matches our picture in our inner mind already!  Wow! 🙄

5 Reasons Goals Fail

Darren Hardy of Success Magazine says there are 5 reasons why goals fail:

1) Our goals are nothing but a wish list,
2) We have goals which are not clear,
3) Our goals are hot air, we do not have a detailed plan,
4) We have no management and control system,
5) We have a lack of reinforcements, no support and guidance of people and resources.

Here’s Darren Hardy on How Goal Achieving Really Works:

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  1. Teresa Ivory Says:

    This is a good one, Kellie! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I set goals and not really thought about how important they were to me. Some of them were just “Oh I should have this as a goal.” The ones I have reached are the ones I say “I want it! I want it! I want it!” and I go after it with all my heart.

    Perfect timing for all of us who have our goals laid out for the year. Now with your reminder to be committed, I’ve gone back and fine-tuned to make sure mine are all something I want enough to be committed to all the way through to success.


  2. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Teresa,
    So nice to see you again! I have done that too Teresa and then I got put in situations where I had “no choice” and it’s amazing what happens then. 🙂 I am so glad our post assisted you today. Talk to you soon. Aloha 🙂

  3. Val Wilcox Says:

    What great points to follow through on. Never thought of being committed quite like that before, but it makes so much sense! Really enjoyed the video from Darren Hardy. He took it down to simple terms.

    Thanks for putting this in such a detailed system to follow.

    Val 🙂
    Val Wilcox�´s last blog post ..Where Do You StandMy Profile

  4. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Val,
    I am so happy you enjoyed the pig and the chicken story! And yes, Darren did such a great job, just had to share it with everyone. Thanks for your comments Val! I always cherish your words. Aloha 🙂

  5. Jodi Lee Says:

    Kellie – this is a wonderful post, so much to think about. I love the chicken and pig analogy so true. The 5 points from Darren are excellent – I have lots of work to do on my goals.

  6. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Hey Jodi! So wonderful to see you here again! I love your smiling face and I miss your sense of humor. I hope we can connect soon.
    Thank you for your kind comments. I am so glad you enjoyed our post. You, dear Jodi have done an excellent job at fulfilling goals! Thanks for being a great role model. Much aloha 🙂

  7. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Goals need to be clear and definite if we are to move into inspired action. You won’t be motivated to work toward a goal if you can’t see the finish line.

    I’m convinced most people have no idea what they want to with their life because they have no goals, or if they have goals, these guideposts aren’t clear. The more detailed the goal the more determined you’ll be to reach the goal. You can mentally taste the goal and in truth, when you generate the emotions of having a goal it’s these exact emotions that attract the inspirational ideas and goals to make your dream a reality.

    As for the pig and chicken commitment I like the analogy. The pig was in it fully, giving it all up. The chicken was there to a certain point. I’m convinced that to become uber successful you must want to succeed more than you want to breathe. Feel like you’ve been blessed with life to live out a definite major purpose.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Kellie 🙂

    Ryan BiddulphÃ�´s last blog post ..Home Based Business Tips – Follow These Steps to Grow it Like a WeedMy Profile

  8. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Ryan,
    So nice to see you here again! Thank you for your great insights. I was one of those people Ryan for 35 years, I thought I had to “climb the corporate ladder” to make money and “do the right thing”. I paid the price of “8 years of my son’s life” which I missed basically. Thank goodness, I “woke up”! It’s funny looking back, I didn’t know I was asleep, I thought I had great goals, it’s just that when I had almost reached the top, I had no time and still no money and really no relationship with my little boy.
    Today, more people are “awakening” and seeing what is really important to them. It’s such an exciting time to be alive! It’s so much fun assisting people who see this and want to “be committed”!
    Thank you I have been very blessed and it looks like you have been too! We are so fortunate and that drives us to continue to help others. Much aloha 🙂

  9. Kathy Jodrey Says:

    Wow Kellie….really loved that video. And of course, your lead in was amazing 🙂

    I’m ready to make 2011 the year of incredible achievement, with many goals on the table. One of them is to lose 20 pounds by June 1 and with you here to help me on this path, I’m ready to break out my “skinny jeans”!

    Thanks for always being such a great inspiration source of support and friend. Looking forward to a great year!!!

    Kathy Jodrey�´s last blog post ..Mike Dillard The Elevation Group- Lunatic Rantings Or SalvationMy Profile

  10. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Kathy,

    Thank you for your kind comments. 2011 will be your best year ever and I am looking forward to assisting you in dropping your extra weight. It’ll be so much fun! Plus I love fitting into any jeans now that I never have to worry about “fitting” into them!! So much fun! We’re going to have a blast Kathy! Talk to you soon. 🙂

  11. Melissa McCloud Says:

    thank you kellie! i am fine-tuning my 2011 goals still, and i realize how important specificity is. i want to get clear, so that i don’t end up with just a wish list! looking forward to seeing you this weekend in the OC, right!?!?
    Melissa McCloudÃ�´s last blog post ..Don’t Be A Wuss!My Profile

  12. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Melissa,
    My pleasure! And so nice to see you again! And yes, I will see you in OC! Thanks for commenting and visiting! Talk to you soon! Aloha 🙂

  13. Alison Elliot Says:

    Excellent post Kellie, loved the vid too. It’s so true what he says, I’ve been noticing it so much lately too. What I’ve been seeing in my minds eye and putting on my vision board is actually manifesting. Isn’t life amazing!!!
    Alison ElliotÃ�´s last blog post ..Resetting Priorities – Getting Into Your “True North” State-Of-MindMy Profile

  14. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Alison,
    Oh, I am so happy for you! Thank you for your kind comments and for your visit! Yes, life is amazing and so much fun! Aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Your Closest Friends Affect Your Income And Your HappinessMy Profile

  15. Julieanne van Zyl Says:

    Hi Kellie, that’s the first time I’ve looked at bacon and eggs like that, a great way to illustrate your point! I have a goal that I made last year and I’m committed to achieving it this month. I have other goals also (I call them things I want to manifest:-)

    I love Darren Hardy and his articles, Success magazine is fantastic!

    See you again soon! Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl�´s last blog post ..Optimizing a Blog For Your MLM Business OpportunityMy Profile

  16. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Julianne,
    So nice to meet you here. Congratulations on committing to achieve your goals now! Wow, that’s incredible! I look forward to connecting again with you soon. Aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..The Greatest Gift You Can Give To YourselfMy Profile

  17. Arlan Murata Says:

    Hey Kellie: Great post to start our New Year, Thanks. Let’s all commit to our written goals for 2011 and just do it. Appreciate your share such great value for our personal development.

  18. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Arlan,
    So nice to see you again! Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, 2011 will be Our Best Year Ever! Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..How A Home Based Business Can Eliminate Stress During The HolidaysMy Profile

  19. Chris McCargar Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Great Article! For me personally, “Being committed” to anything requires me to have a vision, or very strong reason “why”…. or I’m simply not motivated.

    I’ve made my goals too large,at times, without any realistic plan to achieve them and then wonder why they remain incomplete. When I really became committed to finding a resolution, I then realized that smaller more manageable goals actually help me achieve the bigger ones.

    If we can break it down, like they say “eating an elephant one bite at a time” the task, the goal,can more readily be accomplished.

    There’s nothing wrong with having small goals. In fact you feel that much more committed to successfully achieving the bigger ones when you accomplish the small goals.

  20. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Chris,
    Yes, I totally agree with you, especially when we are starting something new. Step by step will lead anyone down the road of success.
    So nice to see you here on our blog. Looking forward to connecting with you! Aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Would You Like To Be A Great CommunicatorMy Profile

  21. Kay Wilson Says:

    Hey Kellie,

    This is a great article. Darren is one of my favorite people. I have his book, “Compound Effect” and cds. Helping me to stay focused on goals & looking forward to this being “Our Best Year Ever” :>) kay

  22. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Kay,
    Great to see you here on our blog! Glad you enjoyed our article. Aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..Making 2011 Your Best Year Ever – Take Action and Be AccountableMy Profile

  23. Richard Goutal Says:

    On the first point, there is indeed a difference between a wish — an “interest” in something and a commitment to something. Not only that, but a lot of times we make up business goals about things for which we are actually not even interested! It’s hard to be committed if you are also not interested. A lot of times I think people make up goals based on what they believe they should do or what others say they need to do. Clearly that’s not good enough as there is not going to be much commitment. Example: I should spend more time marketing by writing articles that link to my blog. But I am more interested in spending my time tinkering with my blogs design. Maybe that person’s business is wrong in the first place. Make sure you have a passion involved or items 1-5 will all rear their ugly heads.
    Richard GoutalÃ�´s last blog post ..You Can’t Succeed Alone Collaboration is Not OptionalMy Profile

  24. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Richard,
    So very nice to meet you here on our blog. Thank you for your very wise comments. Yes, I have been interested and not committed on things before. It’s when I committed, success was always inevitable. Much aloha 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka�´s last blog post ..Your Closest Friends Affect Your Income And Your HappinessMy Profile

  25. Glyna Humm Says:

    Wow – you hit the “nail on the head” with this one Kellie! It is not enough to just set goals – you definitely have to be able to put the effort into committing to them and carrying them through. Thanks for the reminder! Happy New Year to you!
    Glyna HummÃ�´s last blog post ..Appreciation Marketing – A Must Read For Home Business Owners!My Profile

  26. Kellie Says:

    Aloha Glyna,
    So nice to see your beautiful smile here on our blog! Thank you for your comments and I am glad it was a great reminder for you. Happy New Year to you too and I hope to connect with you more this year!
    Aloha 🙂

  27. Arlan Murata Says:

    Hey Kellie: Are we committed help, an accountability partners will help more. Great points, let’s just do it.

  28. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    Aloha Arlan,
    Thanks for visiting our blog! Yes, being accountable to others really help. Aloha 🙂
    Kellie HosakaÃ�´s last blog post ..Making 2011 Your Best Year Ever – Take Action and Be AccountableMy Profile

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