Would You Like To Learn The New Rules Of Money?

New-Rules-Of-Money-Robert-Kiyosaki-150x150After working 13 years of my life working hard in what I thought was a safe, secure job, I realized I was still broke, very tired, spent no time with my family, and thought to myself “Is this it?  Is This The Rest Of My Life?”.  I knew there had to be a better way, so I started to search.

I Was Playing With The Old Rules Of Money

One thing I knew I had to learn was “Why Some People Become Financially Free” and I started to study many books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, & I attended seminars.  One of my favorite authors who taught me most of my Financial Education is Robert Kiyosaki. He said there were New Rules Of Money, that everything changed after 1971 when President Nixon took the US off the gold standard, and after 1974 when ERISA (401K) was passed.

Robert says “Are You Still Playing By The Old Rules Of Money?

Here’s the list, see which ones you are still playing by:

1) Go to school & get a safe, secure job

2) Work hard to earn more money

3) Save money

4) Buy a house

5) Get out of debt

6) Invest for the long term (mutual funds)

7) Diversify

Here’s a video by Robert Kiyosaki to explain some of the new rules:

Mind Boggling

Isn’t that mind boggling?  It was the first time I heard it and then I realized it all made sense!  I finally knew The Secret! 😯  If you would like to continue to learn about the “New Rules of Money”, click on Part II.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Shannon Tecson Says:

    Dear Kellie,
    I believe this one was a real stinger for majority of the people who didn’t realize this was coming because they were so busy in their lives that they forgot to look up and pay attention to the signs. Evidence and history showed that this was coming and Robert plainly put it here in this blog. How many like you realized in 1995 that the game you were playing was an old game? Not much, which explains why many are in the situation that they’re in today. I believe acceptance is going to be the real key here and change course for the many who find themselves playing this old paradigm. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance to these changes will only be more painful in the future.
    Thank you so much Kellie, for educating the population.


  2. GigiNJones Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    I find it so fascinating. It’s amazing what you will believe based upon your unique experiences. I attribute that greatly to the people that influence you the most. The formation of the automtatic belief principles emerge and behaviors to follow. Taking a look at who I have surrounded myself with to teach me all aspects of life, to include financial IQ, i.e. family, friends, school etc. it appears I was taught to aim to excel in the “old paradigm.” I am grateful to be learning a new perspective. As doing the same old things over and over does not yield the results I want. Thanks for expanding my thinking.

    🙂 Gigi

  3. Kellie Hosaka Says:

    I am so happy you are learning a new perspective Gigi! Thank you for your comments and I am thrilled you are finding great value here. 🙂

  4. sivoi tofilau Says:

    I believe in my mind and my two eyes, as a mother had big heart,You become more and more, Personal growth, personal development, all different way.You become a greation, you become an earth,
    It amazing your passion and your desire.
    I just need to be you, I just want to keep doing on and on everyday. Like you said dont look back carry on and on……
    Thank for shareing your story or your life.
    take care

  5. Shannon Tecson Says:

    To add my observation on the disparity that lies between someone with a job and working so hard versus an entrepreneur or big business owner who learns the secrets of the wealthy. I was over hearing a guy yesterday in Labor Ready, which is an agency that locates work for people on that day. The guy came back with his work ticket and asked the manager “Am I getting the whole $7.25 an hour? Because I worked my tail off out there today!” I was thinking $7.25? You take half of that out for taxes, fica, social security etc. and you get only $3.63 an hour? What is the difference? It boggles my mind today. As a home based business professional I am psychologically unemployable by someone else. Of course I handed him a flyer and asked him if he was ready to begin earning what he is worth!

  6. Erik von Werlhof Says:

    Hi Kellie!

    Now with regard to the “new rules” (of which I only heard him mention the need for increased financial education), it is indeed noted that there is not nearly enough of this taught in the public school system. From what I gather after talking to numerous individuals, it is mainly families who do possess an above average level of financial education that pass it onto their children and possibly it is taught to a greater extent in private schools. Too bad you don’t hear about more business type of classes being taught at an earlier level (ditto for foreign language). Reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was definitely an eye opener for me and as a result of that I have told both of my children on occasion to not sweat it in college and to become more literate in financial matters.

    I will be relieved when the public school system starts to incorporate changes in the curriculum are in tune with today’s educational necessities with regards to the realm of financial issues.

    Great post and thanks for the video!


    p.s. Can you tell me how to get me plugin to work so I can show “my last blog posts?”

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