How To Use The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) To Increase Your Success


Conceptual sign of sucess in business and lifeNetwork Marketing Business & The 80/20 Rule

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule?  It was named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who in 1906, observed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population.  Once I understood the 80/20 rule and accepted this principle for many things in our lives, I found it very simple to obtain specific results.

When I started my home based network marketing business, I was working my job 14 hrs/day, and I had to find time to put in 20 hrs/week into my new business.  I learned time management skills right away because I didn’t have any spare time to do my new business. (click on the time management link to see the article) Then when I first started to make phone calls, (more…)

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Do You Ever Feel Stuck In Your Personal Growth?

My Network Marketing Business & Personal Growth

Are you ready to accelerate your personal growth and move to the next exciting level in your life?  If you are ready say “I’m Ready!”.   😆   Right after I would get asked this question, I would say “Yes, I’m ready!” and I would make my new plan, and get all excited for my future.  But then, after a week or so, and especially after a month, I would find myself in the same old “rut”!  I thought I was doing great.  I thought I was executing my new plan…but still there was something inside of me that I knew held me back.  Argh 😡 (more…)

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Do You Know That Paying It Forward Is Your Formula To Freedom?

Paying It ForwardWhen I was a young adult, all I dreamt about was getting married, having a nice house, a child, a dog, and a great job.  You know, I thought that was the “great American dream”! 🙄  When I had all of that, I found myself in Survival mode!  We barely got by and each day was exactly the same! (more…)
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Becoming A Good Leader Starts With Being A Good Follower

The Word “Leader”, Not What I Thought

When I was young and working in the corporate world, I used to think the word “Leader” meant “the Boss”, and I saw it as the person with all of the “power” and authority.  As I climbed the corporate ladder, I soon learned it was not what I thought.  I had more responsibility which meant I had to do “whatever it took” to get the job done, so in the end, I was really the one who worked the hardest and longest hours, and if something went wrong, it was my fault!  I soon realized there was not enough hours in the day and I was making less than my employees to be the “Boss”!  Thank goodness I found the home based business industry. (more…)

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Did You Know Your Human Emotions Can Guide You Like A GPS?


Abraham-Hicks-Network-Marketing-Business-Training-150x150My Emotions &  My Home Based Business?

Do you know what a GPS is?  All I know is, it’s an automatic device which tells me where to go in my car when I plug in my destination.  I don’t know how it works and I don’t know how my car works either, I just know that if I tell the GPS (Global Positioning System) where I want to go, it tells me when I am going in the wrong direction and then adjusts to tell me how to get back on track to my destination. (more…)

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