How To Get a Head Start on the New Year and Avoid Stress!

Stressed WomanAre You Stressed Thinking About Next Year?

If your answer is “yes”, then keep on reading because this may be your last “stressed out” holiday season.

Bah Humbug!

I used to be “Mrs. Strooge” during this time of year because I was already working 14 hrs/day at my corporate job, and adding all of the Holiday responsibilities of shopping, wrapping, planning for parties, attending parties, etc, was so stressful to me.  There was not enough hours in a day to “Do It All”!!   😡   Thus…. MRS. SCROOGE!!!   😡   😥

End Of Year Success Secret


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Find Your Purpose and Live With Passion

Have You Found Your Life’s Purpose?

Are you listening to your inner voice or your intuition everyday?    😉   I never did!   😳  I didn’t know what that was!  Weren’t we suppose to go to school, get a good job, get promoted, have a family, and live happily ever after?   🙄   Is Your Inner Voice Starting To Speak?  Do you hear your inner voice starting to speak to you?  Are you listening, or just ignoring how you really feel?  As you read those questions, you already know the answers.  The real question is “Are You Ready To Listen To Your Heart?“.  In 1995, my inner voice started to speak very loudly, and I felt “called” to change my career path.  I feel so grateful that I listened and became an Entrepreneur.   (more…)

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Do You Want Freedom? Let Go Of False Security

False Sense of SecurityAre You Holding On To A False Sense of Security?

In 1995, I decided to learn to be an entrepreneur, and left the “security” of my corporate job.   I feel so grateful and blessed today because a few years after I left my job, the entire department I worked for, got downsized!  😯  What I thought was a “safe, secure” job, would have left me looking for another “false sense of security” a few years later.  🙄

The Monkey And The Peanut (more…)

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Your Closest Friends Affect Your Income And Your Happiness

Did You Know The 5 People Closest To You Affect Your Income?

Have you heard this before?  Write down the 5 people who influence you the most in your life.  The people who you go to when you have a challenge, your family or friends who you love to “hang out” with.  The people whose opinion matters to you, and the people whose approval you are looking for?

Now that you have listed your 5 people, write down their incomes.  It might look like this: (more…)

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Increase Your Financial IQ And Learn About Money

Global Financial IQWhat Is Your Financial IQ?

Do you know what your Financial IQ is?  I didn’t! 🙄  We took IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests in school, however, we never took Financial IQ tests!  We didn’t get taught much about finances or money in school. 🙁

I was watching a Robert Kiyosaki seminar and he said “How much time do you spend studying money? If you want to increase the amount of money you make, you must increase your Financial IQ.”  Duh, Kellie 😯 (more…)

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