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Your Body’s Level Of Vibration Determines Your Experiences In Your Life

8. March 2011


Do You Know What Frequency You Vibrate At? Sounds like a strange question huh?  Have you heard of quantum physics?  It’s a science which explains what really happens at the “micro” level of everything.  For example, if we took a layer of your skin and placed it under an microscope, we could see the cells […]

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What Motivates Your Decisions Each Day? Fear or Faith?

22. November 2010


Do You Make Business Decisions Based on Fear or Faith? Do you believe you can have fear and faith in the same moment?  Hmmm.. 🙄   I never thought about these things when I was working at a job.  I learned to ponder on this question once I became an entrepreneur and a home based network […]

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Take A Quantum Leap To Happiness And Success

8. November 2010


Want To Take A Quantum Leap In Your Home Business And Your Life? What is a quantum leap?  Dr. Fred Alan Wolf from “What The Bleep Do We Know“, defines it as “the explosive jump that a particle of matter undergoes in moving from one place to another; in a figurative sense, taking the quantum […]

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Great Leaders Use Power Versus Force

26. October 2010


Power versus Force? Do you notice a huge shift in the way people are choosing to buy goods and services?  Have you noticed it is now in the consumer’s hands, and they want to “buy” from people and companies they like and trust.  This is a huge shift from the television commercials and the big […]

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How Does Synchronicity Relate To Success In Business?

18. October 2010


Synchronicity and Success Have you heard of the term synchronicity?  Do you know that it can affect the path of your home business and your life?  Deepak Chopra describes synchronicity as meaningful coincidences which shape the course of our lives.  Have you ever thought of someone and then the phone rings and it’s that someone […]

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